Cosmetic Surgery

Recently, cosmetic surgeries have become one of the most important fields of great prosperity due to the constant demand from various community categories, and despite the critical view that has always been directed to cosmetic surgery, people have always resorted to it secretly because when they do a cosmetic surgery, they feel ashamed, but now people look at cosmetic surgeries in a different way, as it is seen as an urgent necessity that some people may resort to to make their lives better by feeling self-satisfied. Today, in this report prepared by Best Esthetic center, let us take a look on the history of cosmetic surgeries between past and present and all the information related to them.

  • The history of cosmetic surgeries
  • The beginning of cosmetic surgeries
  • Development of Cosmetic surgeries
  • What is the most popular cosmetic field?
  • Cosmetic surgeries related to aging
  • Cosmetic surgeries related to fat increase and cellulite (average obesity)
  • Cosmetic surgeries related to mother
  • Cosmetic surgeries related to the look
  • Cosmetic surgeries related to hair
  • Cosmetic surgeries related to men

The history of cosmetic surgeries

Looking for beauty is something started since the earliest times in life, as in addition to looking for food, drink, clothes, people were always interested in looking good, as women were wearing cosmetic products that were well known in ancient times, and men were wearing Kohl to look good.

Besides looking good in shape, people were interested in wearing good clothes, as since the human being started to live more modern life and his sole concern in life is no longer finding food, you will find many significant developments in clothes designs, fabrics, in addition to jewelry, shoes, and other things.

Looking for beauty was a necessity and if they could not find a way to modify their looks surgically they were trying to modify their looks and look beautiful through depending on cosmetic products, and external factors such as clothing, and the public body that we have talked about.

The beginning of cosmetic surgeries

The idea of cosmetic surgery began to appear in the minds of doctors, with the beginning of the Pharaonic civilization, and many ancient papyruses recorded this.

In the Pharaonic era there was a punishment for thieves for stealing, which is cutting off their noses and humiliating them at the social level in general, so the doctors thought to make the thieves’ life better by reconnecting the cut nose again, and this may be the first thread of rhinoplasty that we are seeing in the present era, although it was performed to people who actually lost their noses.

But this technique which was used by ancient Egyptians has helped doctors in developing the idea of the cosmetic surgeries. Ancient Egyptian civilization was not the only one that witnessed a development in the medical cosmetic field, as the ancient Indian civilization, the Roman civilization, and other ancient times did so.

Development of Cosmetic surgeries

In the past, cosmetic surgery has not had the idea of modifying the basic shape, rather than solving abnormal problems in the shape.

For example congenital defects experienced by some people since birth required cosmetic surgeries to be solved. The first cosmetic surgery in the United States took place in 1827, and the goal was to beautify the defect of a person who was born with a sore throat, and this surgery was executed by a doctor named John Peter Mettauer, and he was the one who have designed the operation tools himself before performing it, as in that time there were no known tools for cosmetic surgeries.

On the other hand, world wars that the world has witnessed in the past have made soldiers return from war with congenital malformations that led them to situations of psychological collapse and severe depression, sometimes leading to suicide, because of the unacceptable forms resulted from the war, so there was an urgent need for a solution that would restore for those soldiers their shape and look, even if it is partial.

Hence, the cosmetic field has undergone major developments until it becomes the way it is now in the present day, so any patient can now do a cosmetic surgery, leave the hospital on the same date, or within two days without any problems.

What is the most popular cosmetic field?

There is more than one cosmetic field that is constantly in demand, including the following areas:

Cosmetic surgeries related to aging

Aging is inevitable, and time can not be traced back, but the youth can now be re-returned to the skin by relying on the rejuvenation cosmetic operations.

There is no longer a fear of wrinkles, sagging, dark circles, darker spots on the skin, and the neck, where all these problems can be solved to enjoy youth for as long as possible through cosmetic operations that aim to solve all these problems either by depending on Botox injections, filler injections, or Lasers, or other cosmetic techniques designed to treat all age factors.

Cosmetic surgeries related to fat increase and cellulite (average obesity)

Excess fat (average obesity) is a very bad thing whether on a healthy level, or at the level of general look. The aesthetic standards of our current age are now expelling fat from the list of beauty criteria, so obesity is no longer a component of beauty like the past.

However, the real problem lies in all the temptations that surrounds us, in terms of food, and the fast routine of everyday life, so obesity is inevitable. However, with cosmetic liposuction, body contouring, and firming, the problems of obesity can all be solved, and people can enjoy an aesthetic look in accordance with international beauty standards, without the need to fight too much in vain with diet and exercise.

Cosmetic surgeries related to mother

Motherhood dream is the dream of every female without exception, which is actually a wonderful dream, but its effect on the body is not wonderful at all, where the female loses her strength, she is exposed to abdominal sagging by pregnancy, childbirth, breast sagging by breastfeeding, an increase in the size of the hips, and the butt.

So such operations as tummy tuck, breast lifting, breast reduction, buttocks tightening, and buttock reduction are all cosmetic surgeries that can create practical solutions to physical problems that the female suffers from for long periods without a solution that will make her enjoy her motherhood without thinking about her shape or look after giving birth to a child.

Cosmetic surgeries related to the look

Everyone always likes to be a source of attraction, an interest in the eyes of the people around him, and this depends on the spirit, and the shape or his look, so people always look for getting a better look than they are now, especially if they are suffering from face problems or defects, such as big nose, deviated nose, small eye, small lips, so many cosmetic surgeries have emerged aiming at modifying the shape giving the patient an aesthetic look such as rhinoplasty, lips plastic surgery with filler injections, Botox, cosmetic dentistry, and other cosmetic procedures related to the modification of the shape. 

Cosmetic surgeries related to hair

Hair has been known since ancient times as the symbol of beauty and femininity, and women have always been keen to soften it, and lengthen it, as it is known as the Crown of women, but today hair is no longer a beauty symbol for women only, but also for men. There is a long list of hair-related cosmetic procedures, such as FUE technique hair transplant, Choi’s pens technique hair transplant, beard and mustache transplant, eyebrow transplant, and many other techniques related to hair transplant and making it more intense.

Cosmetic surgeries related to men

Cosmetic is no longer a domain confined to women, but men can also use it to get rid of the many problems they suffer from, such as gynecomastia, total baldness, partial baldness, abdominal fats and other things that help men to get self-confidence and look attractive. Therefore, the cosmetic surgery for gynecomastia treatment, beard and mustache transplant, and abdominal muscles carving is a practical solution for men to get more handsome look.

Cosmetic surgeries related to treatment

Cosmetic is no longer confined to the amendment or modification, but it can also be for the treatment. For example, a woman with a large breast size will face health problems in the back, so breast reduction surgery can relieve her of these problems. Also, those injured who have been exposed to accidents, or burns that have caused deformities, cosmetic surgeries can help them to be better off than they are now, helping them to live better.

In the end there is no doubt that the cosmetic field although it is now developing, but will see inevitable developments in the future to find practical solutions to all the aesthetic problems that haunt people, so that everyone can reach the aesthetic appearance that makes him satisfied with himself. 

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