Body Contouring for Women

Most of the ladies are keen on their appearance instinctively regardless of the age or social status and they always like to appear in their best form.

The more satisfied with appearance brings along the more self-confidence. Pregnancy, over-weight, daily habits are the most common reason which affect the appearance without any doubt and change it utterly different. The body contouring for women in Turkey is one of the most prominent operations and has an ever increasing popularity.

It is one of the best way to get rid of the women’s appearance problems. It helps you to get the ideal body that you aspire to have. So, there is no need to suffer from the overweight or flaccid skin as long as the body sculpting operation offers a fast and distinctive solution. Below you may take a look at the details of body contouring operation for women in Turkey.

What is body contouring operation?

When you hear the word of “operation” you may feel anxiety, stress, and fear of going through it.  However, body contouring operation is not like any other operation that comes to mind. It is simple non-surgical operation which aims to remove the accumulated fat under the skin and get rid of excess skin. So that it gives the skin a distinctive and attractive appearance like being sculpted professionally.  It is a technique suitable for various areas of the body such as abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, and other areas which suffer from sagging skin due to any reason. You can easily highlight the aesthetic features of the body and get the exact desired body shape.

Body Contouring for Women - Body Contouring for WomenHowever there is a difference between the liposuction operation and the body contouring operation, body contouring includes a basic level of liposuction. Thanks to the latest technologies we are able to destroy subcutaneous fat without affecting the surface of the skin. Instead of causing massive weight loss. These procedures are mostly used for peripheral and cellulite reduction.

What are the Requirements for Body contouring operations?

The person should not suffer from any disease which can pose a risk for this surgery. At the beginning of this procedure, a range of medical tests are done by doctor to check the health status and medical past of each case as standard.

Body Contouring with Vaser

This is an innovative technique which is one of the latest methods of body contouring field.  The doctor helps the patient to get rid of all the fatty accumulations inside of the body and sagging skin and gives to the patient a more youthful and attractive appearance. Its’ stages are such as below:

body contouring women turkeyPreparation for the Operation

After the examination and medical analysis, the doctor prepares the patient to for the operation providing that there is no risk to undergo this surgery according to the results of the tests.

Later, the doctor draws the target areas whose will be the work on. Then the doctor apply anesthesia to the patient and followingly the body sculpting procedure is initiated.

Making the Incisions

Small incisions in one centimeter diameter are opened on the target areas where the Vaser Tubes will inserted.

Liquid Injection

By means of a thin metal needle that contains holes on itself is inserted by the doctor from the the incisions and through these holes, a set of liquids are sprayed in order to help the Vaser device functioning inside of the body. These liquids also contain a local anesthetic that helps reducing the pain you may have right after the operation is completed.

Inserting the Vaser Device

The device is inserted from the same hole with the liquid device. It focuses on melting the fat completely and converting it into the liquid phase. So, under favor of this device, the doctor can expunge all the fat cells accumulated under the surface of the skin.

Liposuction Phase

After the fat is dissolved, the liposuction stage begins. This procedure is carried out through a metal device which suctions the and transmit it to a container.

Recovery period

As a precaution, the patient must stay at the hospital until the doctor gives approval to discharge the patient.  Depending on the condition of the patient, it may be necessary to stay at the hospital overnight or two nights until the doctor is convinced that the patients is well.

Mostly, the procedure shows the results within a few days right after the operation but to have a long lasting results it requires to maintain a healthy diet. The patient also must change the old habits. Otherwise, it may reverse the progress and all the effort may go for nothing and cause the operation to fail.

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