Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Buttock augmentation operation in Turkey has become one of the most popular plastic surgeries recently. Because of the fact that the buttock is considered as one of the most noticeable features of the feminity, this augmentation procedure attracts a great deal of attention of women from all around the world.

Beautifully shaped buttocks accentuate your proportions and balanced body contour. So, many women, who want to get this beautiful aesthetic appearance, queue up for the buttock augmentation operation in Turkey.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) | Buttock Enhancement

This is a type of plastic surgery which aims to make buttock prominent and give it to an attractive circular shape which resolve the asymmetry problems. The patient’s own fat is used to shape the hips in this surgery. If the patient is in the lack of sufficient fat to be transferred, filling materials can be used as well and the results are completely natural.

Who is eligible for Buttock EnHANCEMENT Surgery?

  • Those who do not have any health symptoms which can pose a risk for such operations.Buttock Augmentation - Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
  • Those who suffer from an uneven buttock.
  • Those suffering from atrophy in the hind muscles which causes asymmetry problems.
  • Those who suffer from small size problems and want to enlarge it.
  • Those who suffer from drooping buttock due to dilation.

Those who do not suffer from over-weight and plan to lose weight in the near future. Because losing weight right after having this surgery may make all endeavours go for nothing. The results may disappear as the fat is lost in the buttocks.

There are two techniques those can be applied in the operation of Buttock Augmentation in Turkey and we will explain each technique in detail, as follows:

Endometrial technique by implantation of silicon

Just as breast implants, silicone implants are used. The buttocks can also be embroidered with these silicone implants. And this process is carried out in the following steps:


The doctor will perform a complete detection on the target area to understand the origin of the problem the patient suffer from.  Inconsistency, small size or any other reasons play a key role to determine the technique will be used. At this phase, your doctor will also ask you for a range of medical tests to be sure that you do not have any contraindications that make you ineligible for the procedure.

Anesthesia, Opening and Insertion

After these medical tests, the anesthesia is applied. The specialist will make a small opening with a surgical scalpel in the lower buttocks. He will use a silicone pad to insert it into the buttock to transfer the filling material. Then inserted the silicone pad is placed either directly under the skin, or muscle and this is determined by the doctor according to the patient’s need.

Recovery Period

After the operation is completed, the patient undergo some health observations in order to make sure that he/she are in good health and can go home safely.

Are Liquid Silicone Injections Safe?

There is no risk of using these materials since they do not interact in the body directly. Because it has a natural feel just like fat, doesn’t bother the patient at all. There are also many of these fillings and they are used according to the shape and size of patient’s need. So, for each case the shape and size can be determined by the cosmetic doctors.

Endometrial technique by self-fat injection

This technique is quite different from the technology that preceded it, In which the doctor does not resort to the injection of silicone fillings strange on the body of the patient, but resorted to the injection of fat taken from the same body depending on the physiotherapy device that works on liposuction, Characterized in this technique that the fat that is grown in the body is not strange to him, so,  It is a large security, and does not cause any problems on public health, and the stages of this technique are as the following:

Preparation phase

It is a fundamental stage in any technique of beauty, whether we talk about beautification of the Buttock, or the beautification of any other area of ​​the body, Where the doctor sits with the patient, and understands well what exactly the patient wants, What are the things for which he is not satisfied and which he wants to amend, And what is the amendment that he wants, and disclose it, and determine with him the mechanism of application of the operation , and the results that he expected for the nature of his body, he will also be asked for a number of medical tests to determine his health.

Anesthesia phase

In this technique the patient is also subject to total anesthesia, He will have to sleep on his stomach in order for the operation to take place immediately without having to turn it over again.

Selection Phase

The doctor will determine which areas will be filled with fat which areas need coordination so that they look like the ideal appearance that gives the Buttock a prominent shape and will also determine where the fat will be taken from, and where the fat will return.

Suction Stage

Depending on the liposuction device, it is mostly a physiotherapy device that also works in these phases below:

Fluid Spraying Ptage

In the area where fat will be withdrawn, Which is often a mother in the thighs, or sides, or the area that the doctor sees appropriate, And contains many fat cells serve liposuction, a small incision is opened by surgical scalpel, And the introduction of a tube that sprinkles a group of fluids, and these fluids is a saline solution, and substances narcotic so that the patient does not feel pain when recovery, As well as medical fluids prevent the occurrence of bleeding due to the cutting of blood vessels when the entry of the equipment of the device to suck fat cells.

The Inserting the Vaser device

The doctor inserts the Vaser device from the same opening from which the device was introduced to spray liquids; this device produces high-frequency radiation that dissolves the fat so that it can be easily suctioned.

Liposuction Phase

After that liposuction is done, purified, the appropriate selection of them, You should keep in mind that sometimes a doctor may have a lot more fat than the average injection into the buttocks, In anticipation of any external conditions, it is not natural to inject all the fat to be suctioned.

Fat Injection Phase

After purifying the fat is placed in tubes or injected and then be replanted again in the area to be highlighted and rotate from the buttock. The doctor always aims to make the buttock circular, prominent to be consistent with the textures the waist looks thinner. This process may take a few hours depending on the course of the operation.

Recovery Period

After the operation is completed, the patients will stay under medical observation for two or three days. The patient is always advised to wear a special corset for three weeks continuously right the operation on the buttocks so that the buttocks take the aesthetic form which the patient aspires to reach, and is wearing this brace for three weeks continuously.

After the Buttock Augmentation Operation in Turkey

  • The patient should not sit or sleep on the ass for long periods of at least one week after performing the procedure.
  • The patient shall wear the corset for the Buttock operation for at least three weeks.
  • The patient should not exercise until at least one month after surgery.
  • The patient should continue to exercise in the Buttock so as not to deteriorate, and continue the results of this operation nearly ten years.
  • The patient should be careful not to lose weight significantly so as not to lose the Buttock of the fatty packs that were planted in them.

Results of the Buttock Augmentation Operation

The results most often appear right after the procedure but the best results of the operation are seen after a period of three to six months when the skin stabilizes and the scarsin the Buttock area because of the cracks made by the doctor during the operation. It takes about two years to fade in an acceptable manner and the results as we said earlier prefer existing, and visible on the patient’s body for ten consecutive years from the time of the operation, as long as he was not exposed to weight loss, and stabilized weight, and persists in the exercise of the Buttock to prevent dilution, but sometimes, with the passage of time it is normal to lose different organs of the body some of the fatty packets contained within, so it is also natural that the buttocks lose some of the fatty packets that were planted in them, which changes the appearance of the buttock but in a small amount.

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