Face Lift Surgery

Face lift surgery is preferred by all individuals to have younger look. Over the years, our face will have wrinkles. These wrinkles will make us look older. Even though we feel young inside, our face might not reflect out youthful thoughts. But it is now possible to match what we feel and how we look.

As medicine and medical technologies have advanced, new and more effective cosmetic surgery operations have emerged. With these advancements, it is possible to have younger look without even scarring. These opportunities made people more interested in cosmetic operations.

Looking young and healthy is desired my both women and men. Everyone wants to look attractive and feel good about their looks. With face lift, it is possible to achieve that youthful look. This procedure is one of the surgical cosmetic operations. This means, patients will go under general anaesthesia to have this operation.

Face Lift Surgery

Face lift is a surgical operations. For this reason, patients might need to stay in the hospital for one or two days. Also, face lift recovery will be longer than non-surgical procedures. Patients need to know all these factors before deciding to have their surgery.

In this surgery, doctor will make small incisions behind the ear. Then, skin around neck, cheeks and chin will be stretched. This skin will be “hanged” by using special threads. Everything will be hidden behind the ear. Then, doctor will suture the incisions and dress the wound.

After the operation, swelling and bruising is normal. But there are few steps to be followed to minimise these bruising and swelling. First, patients need to wear a bandage for the first couple of days. This bandage will prevent swelling. Also, avoiding salty food can help reducing the swelling after the surgery.

In addition to all these, patients need to follow all recommendations of the doctor and the medical team. These recommendations will ensure better and more comfortable recovery period. It is important to avoid heavy physical activity during the first couple of weeks. Completely recovery might take up to 6 weeks. For this reason, it is important to take care of yourself after the operation. This way, you can decrease your overall face lift surgery recovery time.

Who Needs Face Lift Surgery?

In fact, anyone who wants to look young and healthy can have face lift surgery. Generally, this surgery is preferred to eliminate wrinkles and sagging. Wrinkles and sagging on our face can occur due to few factors. Even though we eliminate these factors, it is almost impossible to achieve our younger look without operations.

For example, if you lose weight in a short time of period, your skin might sag. As fat accumulated under your skin will disappear fast, your skin will not have time to adjust to this new situation. As a result, your skin will look saggy. This saggy look will cause you to look older than you normally are in your daily life.

Additionally, some bad habits might cause wrinkles and sagging. For example, smoking is the number one reason for wrinkles. Also, an unhealthy lifestyle can cause you look older. If you are considering face lift operation, you might want to correct your lifestyle before your operation. Then, you can talk to a doctor and schedule your lifting operation.

Face Lift to Eliminate Wrinkles

Everyone has wrinkles on their face and neck. No matter how well we take care of our skin, we cannot avoid wrinkles. But face lift can help eliminating these wrinkles. From the first day of cosmetic surgery, people wanted to find a solution to wrinkles. Over the time, different methods are tried.

Currently, there are also other non-surgical options to eliminate wrinkles. But these non-surgical options often offer temporary solutions. For example, if you have Botox injection to eliminate your wrinkles, you need to repeat this process in every 6 months. This is the same for face fillers as well. But most people do not have time or budget to repeat these processes in every 6 months.

If you are one of these people, face lift surgery can be a better option for you. You will need this surgery for once. And the effects of lifting are long-lasting and even permanent. Even though entire recovery process is longer than non-surgical procedures, face lift results are more natural than other methods. Doctor will eliminate your face wrinkles and neck wrinkles. This way, you can have the younger look you have always wanted. Also, you skin will look smoother and brighter after this surgery.

Face Lift to Eliminate Sagging

Sagging and double chin are important aesthetic problems. When you have sagged skin or double chin, you will look older than your are in usual. This often has some negative psychological effects. To feel better, most people choose face lift surgery. This surgery offers a solution to eliminate sagging on face and neck area.

In some cases, it is possible to combine lifting surgery with neck and double chin surgery. In these cases, recovery after the surgery might take longer than usual. But it is possible to completely fix the problematic area.

When face lifting is done separately, results for some patients might not be satisfactory. For these patients, combination of these two surgeries will provide better results. With lifting and double neck surgery, it is possible to reduce wrinkles, remove excess fat and skin as well as achieve tighter look.

Recovery After Face Lift Surgery

Recovery after face lift surgery can be scary. In fact, there is nothing to be scared about. All you need to do is listen to all recommendations of your doctor and medical team. They will give you advices for comfortable and faster recovery process.

After your surgery, you need to use certain medication. Antibiotics will prevent infections risks. And if you have any pain, you can take painkillers to have a comfortable healing period. These medication will be prescribed by your doctor. You need to follow the prescription and use your medication on time. This way, you will reduce all face lift surgery risks.

Is Face Lift Permanent?

Once patients complete face lift recovery, results of this surgery will be long-lasting. Unlike Botox or face fillers, this surgery has almost permanent results. Your skin will look tight and better than it was before the surgery.

So, if you do not want to have Botox or fillers in every 6 months, lifting can offer a permanent solution. Once all the swelling is gone, you will notice the difference on your face. As you skin looks tighter and younger, your self-confidence levels will increase as well.

Will My Face Look Different After This Surgery?

For the fist couple of days after your face lift surgery, you face might look a bit puffy. This is a normal process and puffiness will reduce over time. Since this is a surgery, your tissues will need some time to recover. After complete recovery, you will not have any marks associated with this surgery. Small incisions marks will be hidden behind your ear. For this reason, no one will understand that you have any cosmetic operation. Your wrinkles will be eliminated and sagging will be removed. So, you will look much better after your recovery process.

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