Fat Injection (Fat Grafting)

Fat injection has become one of the popular cosmetic surgery types. Cosmetic surgery aims to enhance looks of individuals. As more and more people want to look good, there is high demands to these types of surgeries.

Currently, people want to have small procedures to change their face and body. For this reason, medical field has developed different methods. Each of these methods try to achieve the most natural look possible. As natural but beautiful look gains attraction, patients also demands for this look.

For women, curvier lines has always been attractive. Women love to have large hips and thin waist. Also, they wanted bigger breasts. For this reason, they desire to achieve that curvy look. To achieve this desire, fat grafting are commonly preferred.

Fat can be injected to different body parts. This injected fat will give a fuller look to injection area. In some cases, fat can be injected to define muscles. This way, existing muscles like abs can have more visible look. In addition to body fat injections, face fat injections are also preferred. When injection fat to face, cheeks can have fuller look. By doing that, it is also possible to define jawline.

Who Needs Fat Injection Surgery?

Fat injection can be applied to both men and women. If you are not satisfied with your curves, you can ask for fat injection. Since this injection gives you a fuller look, you will feel satisfied. Also, if you have lost weight but you still have fat around your waist, you might want to have this surgery.

In this surgery, injected fat is collected from the patient. This way, it is possible to shape the body. For this reason, this operation is sometimes called body shaping or body contouring surgery. With this operations, it is possible to reshape your body lines.

If you want slimmer waist, bigger boobs and bigger tights, you can have this operation. This way, fat in your body will be relocated to different parts of your body. Such relocation of fat will give you the curvy look you want.

Fat Injection Surgery for Women

Fat injection surgery for women is highly popular. Women from different countries want to have this surgery. For this reason, fat injection surgery abroad is a popular way of having the body they want.

In general, women of all age want to look as best as they can. As we age, our body tends to gain weight and have saggy look. Most of us do not gain weight proportionally. So, fat tends to accumulate around our waist, in our arms or legs. And this causes unattractive look.

With fat grafting, it is possible to eliminate this unattractive look and create a curvy body. In this operation, fat is removed from the patient. In this process, fat is removed with liposuction. After collecting fat with liposuction, this fat is injected to other parts of the body.

In liposuction procedure, small cannulas are moved under the skin. These cannulas broke down fat tissue. Later, this fat tissue is collected with a vacuum tool.

Fat Injection Surgery for Men

Just like women, fat injection surgery for men is trending among men. Men want to have muscular look. But in most cases, fat tissue covers these fats. It might be impossible to eliminate this fat with diet and exercise. In these cases, men have this operation.

In men, fat is collected from waist area. Generally, fat accumulates in this area of men. Later, this fat is used for defining ab lines or chest muscle lines. In some cases, fat can be collected from the back as well.

In addition to body fat injection, men are also choosing face fat injection. As beauty trends change for men as well, men want to have fuller lips and more defined jawline. In these cases, face fat injection is a good solution.

Risks of Fat Injection

Like many other cosmetic operations, fat injection has some risks. Fat injection risks are often associated with general anaesthesia. Patients are operated under general anaesthesia. To prevent any problems, patients need to complete blood tests before the surgery. These blood tests show any problems that can cause a risk.

Another risk is related with fat moving to other locations. Since this fat is injected, it is important to keep it where it is injected. To prevent this issue, patients need to follow all recommendations of the doctor. Otherwise, complications might occur after the operation.

Recovery After Fat Injection

There are certain things to be considered during recovery after fat injection. After this operation, patients are hospitalised for one day. This is because patients have general anaesthesia for the surgery. It is important to monitor patients for one day under hospital conditions.

After being discharged, patients need to rest at home for at least 1 week. In most cases, full recovery can take up to 6 weeks. Recovery time often depends on surgeries of the patient. In some cases, multiple surgeries are combined. In these cases, overall recovery time can be longer than usual.

For the first couple of weeks, it might be best to keep someone around to help you. In these period, intensive physical activity and carrying heavy loads are forbidden. Patients need to focus on their recovery. Also, patients need to wear special corset for at least 6 weeks. This corset will keep everything in place after the operation. This way, operation related risks can be minimised.

Is Fat Injection Permanent?

After having fat injection, some of the fat will dissolve. This is the natural process of this operation. Doctors consider this dissolving and inject fat accordingly. After full recovery, you will notice the difference.

In general, there is visible difference before and after fat injection. Injected fat will stay there. In this sense, it is possible to say that fat injection is a permanent surgery. After the operation, it is important to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and doing exercise will further enhance operation results.

If you want to have fat injection in face, you might need to repeat this procedure. Fat in face dissolves faster than fat in body. So, these injections need to be repeated.

Fat Injection in Face

Fat injection in face is one of the most common sub-applications of this surgery. Compared to body fat injection, this procedure takes relatively shorter. Similar to body injections, fat is collected from other parts of the body with liposuction.

Then, this collected fat is injected to face. Face injections can make your lips look fuller. Or you can emphasise your cheeks for slimmer look. When you cheeks are emphasised and filled, other parts of your face will look slimmer. This will create a more attractive look. Also, your beautiful facial features will be emphasised.

In most cases, fat injection in lips is preferred by both men and women. These injections will give a fuller and sexier lip look. Fuller lip look is desired by both men and women. Compared to lip fillers , it is possible to achieve more natural look. Additionally, lip injection will dissolve over time. So, if you are not satisfied with lip fat injection results, you can go back to your original lips.

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