Fat Transfer to Buttocks

What Are Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

All women wants to have hips and butt like Jennifer Lopez. Unfortunately, not all of them are as lucky as her. Due to genetics, some women might have flat booty. But with booty fat injection, it is possible to achieve fuller and bigger butt.

Fat injection has become one of the popular cosmetic surgeries. Fat collected from the patient is injected back to different body parts. This procedure also enables body contouring. And body contouring for women and body contouring for men have amazing results.

Who Needs Booty Fat Injections?

If you want to have larger butt, you might want to consider booty fat injections. Since these injections use fat collected from the patients, it is possible to achieve a natural look. Also, feeling of these injections will be natural as well.

Fat is a natural component of our body. Our body stores fat to provide additional fuel to our body. In most cases, we cannot choose how our body stores fat. In this case, fat can be stored in belly area, waist, back or even on our arms. But this fat storage might create unattractive look.

Women who lose weight fast might experience fat accumulation problem. Even though they lose weight, fat around their waist and belly area might stay there. In most cases, it is impossible to remove these fat and accumulate fat in booty area. In these cases, booty fat injections can be used for relocating this fat.

Curvier Look with Butt Fat Injection

Butt fat injections will help you to achieve that curvier look you want. In addition to butt, fat can also be injected to hips. This way, you can have that small waist and large butt look. As curves make a woman sexier, more and more women want to have this look.

Before your surgery, you can talk to your doctor about how much fat will be injected to your butt. If you want big butt, you might opt for more fat injection. When deciding on the amount of fat that will be injected, you need to consider your body proportions.

If you are too thin, large butt might not look that attractive. For this reason, it is important to assess your body proportions. This way, you can have the best booty fat injection results after your surgery. After all, your satisfaction with the results is the most important thing when you are having your cosmetic operations.

Booty Fat Injection Procedure

Booty fat injection is a special type of fat injection. In this operation, fat tissue removed from different parts of the body. In this process, fat is removed with liposuction. Later, collected fat tissue is injected to butt area. It is possible to inject this fat to different body parts as well. Generally, fat injection to botty is also known as Brazilian butt. Brazilian butt is a full and curvy butt look. This operation is named this way as women around the world want to have a butt like Brazilian women.

When fat is injected to butt, this fat can be collected from waist areas as well as belly area. What is more, fat is sometimes collected from arms, back or even legs. In fact, fat injection also helps body to have slimmer shape. As fat is needed for this surgery, doctors collect this fat from areas that need slimmer look. With butt fat injections, it is possible to have slimmer waist and fuller butt.

Does Booty Fat Injections Have Risks?

Booty fat injection is a surgical operations. For this reason, this operation has the same risks as any other operation. If patients follow all recommendations provided by doctors, risks associated with this surgery can be minimised.

In general, patients need to use all prescribed antibiotics. These antibiotics will prevent any infection to develop after the surgery. Also, before the surgery, doctor might recommend not using certain medication. For example, if you are using anti-coagulants or blood thinners, you need to inform your doctor. You might need to stop these medication for a while.

Before butt fat injection surgery, patients must have blood tests. These blood tests will show if the patient is suitable to go under general anaesthesia. Also, general health status of the patient is measured. These are important components to minimise surgery related risks.

Is Booty Fat Injection Permanent?

One of the most common questions about booty fat injection is about how long does it last. In fact, this fat injection has long-lasting effects. After the operation, some injected fat is dissolved and disappears. As doctors know this, they inject more fat than you will normally need. For this reason, your butt might look like it has got smaller. In fact, this is the final and ideal form of your butt.

In general, booty fat injection results are almost permanent. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy your fuller butt for a long time. It is important to avoid gaining weight. Also, you might want to avoid losing too much weight. To do that, you might want to adopt a healthy lifestyle after your surgery. Regular exercise and healthy diet will help prolonging your operation results.

Recovery After Booty Fat Injection

Recovery after booty fat injection can take long time. In the best case scenario, you need at least 6 weeks. However, you recovery might take even longer. During your recovery, you need to take care of yourself. Compared to other cosmetic surgery options, this surgery has longer recovery period.

During your recovery, you need to wear a special body corset. This corset will help keeping things in their place. If you do not wear your corset, injected fat might dissolve and disperse. This is an undesired condition and such condition might have negative effects on your surgery results.

In addition to wearing a special corset, you need to avoid excessive physical activity.  Excessive physical activity will make your body tired and your recovery process will take longer. You need to avoid sports for 4 to 6 weeks. When you go back to doing sports, you need to avoid weight lifting or other heavy physical activities.

Furthermore, it is important to quit smoking before and after your operation. Smoking can slow down recovery process. Even in some extreme cases, smoking might cause complications after the operation. To avoid any complications, quitting smoking is recommended before the surgery.

Is Booty Fat Injection Different from Butt Fillers?

Yes, booty fat injections and butt fillers are entirely different things. In booty injection, fat collected from the patient is injected to butt area. This fat is collected with liposuction. But in case of butt fillers, a synthetic filler material is injected. Butt fillers are more like face fillers. You butt will look fuller with these fillers as well.

Some patients might not have enough fat to be collected with liposuction. In these cases, butt fillers might be an option. Our body needs to keep certain amount of fat. If patients have low fat ratio, doctors recommend butt fillers rather than booty fat injections. To decide on the best method, you need to visit your doctor and talk about your options. It is important to find the best cosmetic surgery that will fit your needs.

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