Neck and Double Chin Lift

Neck and double chin lift is one of the cosmetic surgeries. Nowadays, increasing number of people are looking for new ways to look better. For this purpose, these people are choosing to have cosmetic surgeries. In general, cosmetic surgeries will help you to achieve better look. These surgeries will enhance your existing features. Without significant changes, you can look younger and better.

As we grow old, you skin will start to sag. This sagging is prominent in our neck area. Also, excessive weight gain and instant weight loss can contribute to this saggy look. Fat accumulation in neck area will cause double chin. In this aesthetic problem, fat will accumulate under our chin. Generally, double chin has an attractive look. And people want to correct this look with cosmetic operations.

What Is Neck and Double Chin Lift?

In short, neck and double chin lift is removing access fat and excess skin around your chin area. Our body tends to store fat. But sometimes those stores fats cause unattractive look. Since we cannot choose where our body stores fat, we might need some medical intervention when fat is stored in undesired areas.

Fat accumulation around neck area might cause us look old and fat. Fat accumulated in this area might not be removed with diet or exercise. In most cases, you will need medical intervention to remove access fat around your neck area.

What Causes Double Chin?

Some people tend to gain weight. And this weight might not proportionally distribute to your body. If fat is accumulated around your neck, you will have double chin problem. In this cosmetic issue, it will look like you have two or even three layers of chin. In most cases, this is the fat accumulated under your skin.

It is almost impossible to remove this excess neck fat with diet or exercise. You will need either neck lift or double chin lift to solve this problem. Surgical methods will have long-lasting results. So, if you want to look younger, this operation can solve your double chin problem in an effective way.

Who Needs This Operation?

There are few conditions to have this surgery. First, neck and double chin lift operation need general anaesthesia. Before the surgery, patients need to complete necessary blood tests. These tests will show if you are suitable to take general anaesthesia.Neck and Double Chin Lift - Neck and Double Chin Lift

Additionally, you should be a healthy individual to minimise the risks associated with this operation. Just like any other cosmetic surgery, there are risks related with application of anaesthesia. Once you have healthy test results, you can have your neck lift or double chin lift.

Other than having good health, all you need is the desire to have this surgery. In most cases, patients are not satisfied with their existing look. Fat accumulated under our chin will make us look old. Also, even though you have lost weight, fat might still accumulate under your chin.

Generally, you cannot reduce this fat with diet or sports. Although you look thin, your double chin or saggy neck look might cause you to look fat. In those cases, you will need neck and double chin lift surgery.

Can Neck and Double Chin Lift Be Done Separately?

Some people might have neck sagging problem but not double chin. In these cases, they do not need double chin lift surgery. In those cases, it is possible to have neck lift. Patients can decide on their surgery with their doctor, after visiting doctor’s clinic.

How Is Neck and Double Chin Lift Operated?

There are three main methods to have neck and double chin lift operation. These are liposuction, neck lift and face lift. After detailed examination, doctor will decide which method is suitable for the patient.

While liposuction in enough for mild cases, moderate to severe cases might need neck lift or even face lift. Also, patient who want firmer jaw line can also opt for neck lift and face lift. All three methods show good results.


Liposuction is the most common method for neck and double shin lift. In this procedure, access fat is removed from neck area. After giving general anaesthesia, doctor will open small holes on the skin. Cannulas will be placed under your skin from these small holes.

These cannulas will rupture fat tissue around your neck. Later, these fat tissue will be collected with a suction device. This is the entire liposuction operation. Liposuction is often preferred in mild neck sagging or double chin conditions. Generally, there is almost no excess skin around neck area. This way, removing fat tissue is enough to achieve successful double chin operation results.

After liposuction, patient can go back to their daily lives on the next day. Patient might be hospitalised for one day for precaution. On the following day, patient will be discharged. Generally, results of this operation is visible after 10-15 days. As neck tissue heals, neck area will look firmer and younger.

Neck Lift

In more severe cases, liposuction alone might not be enough to achieve firmer look. In this case, doctor will perform neck lift operation. In this operation, both excess fat tissue and excess skin around neck area are removed. Neck lift will give tighter and firmer look on neck area. Also, it is possible to eliminate neck wrinkles with this operation.

In this operation, general anaesthesia is administered to patient. Then, doctor will make small incision behind the ear. Excess skin will be removed and remaining skin will be lifted. Then, this skin will be sutured to the back of the ear. This operation provides best results for double chin problem.

In this operation, doctor might choose to remove the extra skin or tighten the neck muscle. Also, neck lift can be combined with face lift for better results.

Face Lift

Face lift is an operation that combined liposuction and beck lift. In this operation, excess fat tissue and excess skin will be removed. Face lift will give tighter look and eliminate double chin problem. This operation can be completed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. However, doctors prefer general anaesthesia for most of the face lift operations.

Will There Be Any Scar?

After neck and double chin lift operation, patients are often worried about operation scars. In general, there is almost no scarring. But in case of face lift and neck lift, there might be small operation-related scars. However, these scars are hidden behind the ear.

So, when you have your neck lift surgery or double chin lift surgery, you will not have a visible scar. For this reason, more and more people are choosing these cosmetic surgeries to look younger and more attractive.

Benefits of Neck and Double Chin Surgery

As in all other cosmetic surgeries, neck and double chin surgery will give you younger look. When you opt for neck lift, sagging around your neck area as well as neck wrinkles will disappear. Also, when fat is removed from your neck area, you will look slimmer.

Neck and double chin lift will have long-lasting results. So, when you have this surgery, you might enjoy successful results for a long time. If you care for your health and diet, you will look younger and have firmer neck.

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