Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck in Turkey attracts a large group of people in our time. It is preferred especially by women. This technique is the only practical solution that can deal with postpartum laxity, weight loss. There is no doubt that in the past women have been facing the same problem with postpartum laxatives.

Because there were no solutions and medical techniques to solve this problem. The women reluctantly accepted this situation and today  with the advent of different techniques, it is easy to get rid of the problem of skin sagging in the stomach easily and enjoy a flat abdomen attractive appearance. 

It should be noted that this operation is not restricted to women only but it is also an excellent solution for men who have been exposed to a large weight loss led to exposure to skin laxity in the abdomen. As this process is one of the most prominent processes that are witnessing a great demand in the cosmetic field in general. Let us identify together in detail the mechanism of applying tummy tucks in Turkey so that you can take a general look at the whole process.

tummy tuck in turkey

About Tummy Tuck Operation in Turkey

It is one of the cosmetic operations conducted by many cosmetic centers in Turkey. The goal is to get rid of the loose skin that distorts the outer appearance of the abdomen which gives it a distinctive beauty appearance, tender and taut abdomen is performed through a surgical procedure in which the patient undergoes a state of total plastic surgery. The operation takes up to 4 hours or more depending on the area of loose skin that is being treated.

Is there a difference between liposuction and tummy tuck?

In fact, the process of liposuction is completely different from the process of tummy tuck. We are talking about getting rid of the body of fat cells accumulated inside and this technique may leave behind skin loose in the abdomen. Because when the density of fat that was in place in the abdomen is reduced, the skin starts sagging later because it is basically exposed to the expansion by the fat accumulated inside it.  When the body is relieved of the fat by suction, the skin immediately leaks. Because there is no longer any need to dilate it, there is no longer any fat in the body to stretch in order to contain it.

As for tummy tuck, in this case the body has lost fat inside it either through the process of suction abdominal fat as previously, and explained, or lost fat. For example because of weight loss, here will be the solution of the loose skin lagging behind the loss of fat in the abdomen by undergoing a tummy tuck aimed at removing the loose skin. It restructures the abdomen again to look natural, and attractive.

Can you combine the process of suctioning abdominal fat, and tightening the abdomen in one operation?

In fact you can do this, and this will be based on prior agreement between you, and the competent doctor, If the doctor finds that this is appropriate for your health, and will not affect the negative you can simply do the two exercises together, In fact, this is a very great thing, instead of being subjected to two processes, after each process suffering the same pain, and have to wait for the end of the recovery time to carry out the other process, You can do just one operation, not having to suffer twice. You should know that the process of liposuction from the abdomen in the majority of her condition will leave behind skin flabby without doubt, so there is no need to undergo another process, and you can do one operation, Get rid of annoying abdomen fats, and get an attractive flat abdomen at the same time.

Instrument of Application of Tummy Tucks in Turkey

Abdominoplasty In Turkey, there are three different techniques through which you can get a taut, flat abdomen, but each technique fits a class of people without the other, so let’s take every technique, and let you know the right people for it.

Tummy Tuck Operation

In fact, this process is a very simple process and the recovery period of it is very fast. The doctor will not have to reveal the abdominal muscles. It only removes the excess skin from the area below the navel,  Sometimes a person may have a fairly good-looking abdomen. But there is only some of the remaining sagging skin below the navel area, this skin may be sluggish due to the process of suction below the umbilical fluid has been made by the patient in the past. Or result, for example, from weight loss, and the solution here is to be satisfied with a small tummy tuck. It is not a full tummy tuck because there is no need for it. Tummy tuck is performed in several stages as follows:

  •  The doctor will draw the area under the umbilicus with the pen until it determines the part that removes it from the skin, and its mechanism of operation within the procedure.
  • Along the drawn line, the doctor will inject an anesthetic into the skin.
  • Then the doctor will start by opening the area he has identified, which will be located at the top of the pubic area.
  • After opening this area, and by means of a caustic rays pen, the doctor will separate the tissues and capillaries from the skin, so that he can control the tightening of the skin without tightening the tissue.
  • After completion of the tensile, he will perform a longitudinal opening from the lower abdominal area so that he can gather the abdominal flap together again.
  • The doctor will then tighten the skin well and, through the scalpel, cut off the appendages, and then complete the cuts of these skin follicles with these caustic rays from a pen like device.
  • The lower abdominal skin will then be combined with the upper abdominal skin by stapling the skin together, and then surgical sutures will begin to complete the process of collecting the abdominal skin again.
  • After the end of the stitches stage, the doctor places a tape on the places where the stitches were taken, and this helps the skin to heal quickly.
  • Then puts cotton, medical gauze, and covers the wound completely.


This operation is not only suitable for those who possess some sagging skin below the abdomen, they are not suitable for example of suffering from full slack in the bottom of abdomen, and the top, but only those who suffer from the area below the abdomen sagging, and can do this operation next to the normal fat removal from this area also.

Tummy Tuck Operation

This operation is one of the most complicated tuck operations; it differs from the counterpart we have already talked about, it requires more procedures, more time, and a prerequisite for a doctor to have the expertise and skill to carry out without endangering the patient’s life. Best Esthetic center has a group of the most efficient physicians who have performed thousands of abdominal ablutions Abdominoplasty in Turkey in the following way:

  • The patient is exposed to total anesthesia during the procedure.
  • The doctor then selects the incision from which the skin will be opened to remove it, and identifies the hole for the needle.
  • Then the medical incision is made by incisioning the area identified above the pubic, and this aperture is larger than the hole that the doctor makes in the tummy tuck operation.
  • After the opening, the tissue is separated from the skin by a caustic ray pen.
  • The navel area is also separated from the surrounding skin.
  • The doctor then sews the umbilical cord and attaches it with a long thread so that it can be identified. It is then attached to the muscles and cannot be removed.
  • Then a longitudinal incision is made from the lower abdomen to the navel area.
  • The doctor then separates the tissue from the skin that will remove it.
  • The muscles are then identified and collected from the middle by a set of stitches taken by the doctor from the top of the navel to the bottom.
  • The skin is then pulled to determine the excess skin that will be the story, and then the story is done with the scalpel, and then the x-ray.
  • The navel area is then identified and a new incision is made inside the abdomen.
  • The lower part of the abdomen is then sewn with the upper part.
  • Finally, an adhesive tape is placed along the wound that has been opened to help the wound heal quickly.


Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) is an appropriate procedure for those who suffer from large abdominal slouch due to excessive weight loss or because of previous liposuction. It takes about 4 hours or more depending on the amount of skin that is loose.

Laser Tummy Tuck

We may not say that it is a process in the sense that it does not require complex surgical procedures such as previous operations. It is essentially dependent on the mechanism applied to light devices that operate on laser beams, ultrasound or even radio waves. The aim is to dissolve the local fat accumulated in the fat cells located below the abdomen and the heat resulting from these rays stimulate the collagen in the skin of the abdomen.  This stimulus works to produce new cells that are more cohesive than their predecessors. It is painless but it needs continuity in sessions. So that the patient needs at least three sessions to find tangible results on the ground.

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