One of the most important concerns for those who want to perform hair transplant operations in Turkey is the cost of hair transplant in Turkey, although it is known that hair transplant in Turkey is much cheaper in terms of cost in comparison with hair transplantation in European countries, but in the end, the price factor remains the basic element that those who want to perform hair transplant are looking for.

In fact, putting a single cost for hair transplant may be tricky for the readers, as we can simply put one price, but you’ll be surprised when you start the process with a completely different prices. And, of course, Best Esthetic Center does not want our client to experience this, so let us learn the basics of the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey and the average price of hair transplant in general.

cost of hair transplant in turkey

Hair Transplant Procedures in Turkey

It is a set of techniques that aim to treat the human baldness by compensating the area affected by baldness with follicles taken from the donor area to be placed in the area affected by baldness, and in this process has more than one technique, and each technique has a mechanism of action, a certain category of people to be performed on.

What is the cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Calculating the cost of hair transplantation depends on several things, the most important of which are:-

Centre in which the operation will be performed

The more prestigious the center, the greater the popularity, the higher the price of the operation will be, and this is because it is considered to be one of the most guaranteed centers for this type of operations, and the place where the centre is located is a major factor in determining the price, as the centers located in the capital of Istanbul is higher in price than other centers located in cities like Antalya.

The doctor who will perform the procedure

The doctor’s experience and skill in this type of operations plays a main role in determining the price, the more the doctor has more skill and experience the higher the price will be, especially if he is a trusted physician in Turkey, and have a great popularity.

Additional services

There are centers that provide additional services in addition to the procedure, and of course these services are paid, for example, there are centers offering reception and accommodation services, so if we are talking about a center that offers pre-service accommodation, and after the operation, and another center that does not provide these services, so definitely the center that offers accommodation services will be higher in price than the centers that do not offer any additional services.

The technique used in the procedure

As we explained before, the hair transplant procedure can be performed based on different techniques, and of course these different techniques are not similar in the price, as each technique has its price, so let’s get to know each technique briefly, and its average price.

Hair transplant using FUE technique

Fue technique is the subsequent development of FUT hair transplant technique, where the follicles are extracted from the donor area by the micromotor device, and they are saved in the hypothermosol solution, and then they are re-used after opening the channels with a metallic tool. The average cost of FUE technique hair transplant is about $1500 to $2000, but you should consider the previous mentioned factors, which determine the price, in addition to the number of the follicles to be planted, as the larger the number of the follicles, the higher the price will be.

Hair transplant using Choi’s Pens technique

In this technique, the doctor relies on a set of pens called Choi’s pens, and these pens open the channels and implant the extracted follicles and hang them inside the pens at the same time as the channels are opened, allowing the planting of more follicles. This technique is suitable for those who don’t want to shave their hair completely such as women, in addition to those who suffer from light hair. The average cost of this technique is between $2000 to $2600.

Hair transplant using Perkutan Pen

Instead of relying on a pointed metal tool that opens deep channels for the channels that are opened to plant the extracted follicles, these channels are opened by a pen known as the Perkutan pen. This pen is thin, sharp and enables the doctor to open channels more professionally, and in a short time, in a less scarred way, where the metal tool used in the FUE technique leaves scars, and wounds on the scalp that need time to heal, but Perkutan pen leaves no scars, and deep wounds in the scalp, and the time of healing while relying on this technique is faster, and the cost of hair transplant using Perkutan pen technique is between $1900 and $2400 depending on the number of follicles to be planted.

Hair transplant using Sapphire pen technique

This technique is named by this name due to relying on the sapphire pen in it, this pen is used to open channels where the extracted follicles from the donor area will be implanted. What is unique in this technique is that it does not cause deep scars in the scalp, and it is easy to recover from them. Depending on it, the doctor can implant up to 7000 follicles, and the average cost of the sapphire pen technique is about $1800 to $2300.

Finally, for more details on the cost of hair transplant in Turkey, you can contact the Best Esthetic Center for detailed information on prices.

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