Dental implant is a dental treatment to complete missing teeth. Screws prepared from titanium or titanium components are prepared to imitate roots and placed on jawbone. There are lots of questions about this treatment in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Purpose of dental implant treatment is to make durable and healthiest prosthetics to replace teeth loss. 

dental implant
Anatomy of healthy teeth and tooth dental implant in human dentura. 3d illustration

Patient profiles covers a wide range including patients with insufficient jawbone density, infection, patients who lost all teeth and patients with one teeth loss.  In case of patients with insufficient jawbone, this problem is solved with various methods. On the other hand, in case of infection, implant treatment can start after infection treatment. 

Dental implant advantages

  • When teeth root is missing from jawbone, jawbone might be thinned since there is no activity. Main advantage of dental implant is preventing bone thinning due to missing loss as these implants ensure natural teeth form. 
  • After implant treatment, patients can consume all food products that can be consumed with their natural teeth. Patients can completely chew. Strong chewing is possible. 
  • When treatment is applied to only one missing teeth, there is no need to apply abrasion or any other operation on nearby teeth. 
  • This treatment enables longer use than traditional dental bridgework and total prosthetics. 
  • This treatment enables both mobile and fixes prosthetics. 
  • There is no limitation for talking, smiling or other daily activities. 

Is dental implant risky?

Although it is rare, there are risks in implant treatment. But by choosing an expert doctor and high-quality implant brands as well as oral care and hygiene can eliminate these risks.

Oral bacteria related risks: If the patient has gingival recession problem, dental implant roots can come out. This might trigger infection risk. If this is not treated, implant can be lost due to infection.Infection risk: Improper oral care and hygiene might cause infection around implant. People with diabetes and smokers also have this risk. If antibiotics recommended after treatment are delayed or not used, infection risk will occur. Swelling face, high temperature, redness, pain and pus are among implant infections. In this case, patients need to contact his/her doctor without losing time. Instant intervention will be applied to infection at early stages. Infection will be sterilised and antibiotic treatment will start. 

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