DHI Hair Transplant (Choi Pens)

When it comes to hair transplant in Turkey, we can find many different techniques to be used in this field such as DHI, FUE, Sapphire and many others.

Although the most of the techniques are very similar to each other, each technique has some unique advantages that other techniques cannot offer. These techniques are applied professionally by the experienced team of Easy Esthetic Center. Here now, we will be talking about hair transplant by using the DHI technique (Choi Pens), which is one of the most prominent techniques of hair transplant in Turkey due to its’ advantages,

It is one of the most distinctive hair transplant techniques, which offers a practical solution for especially ladies and all who want to transplant hair without having to shave the hair completely. Therefore, this technique enables hair transplant for all those with hair density problems or who has gaps in the scalp. This technique relies on a set of pens known as choi pens. These pens have a sharp metal tip that opens the channels, planting the follicles at the same time, which saves a lot of effort, and time spent on hair transplant procedures.

DHI Hair Transplant - DHI Hair Transplant (Choi Pens)What is Choi Pen?

It is a plastic pen with a rounded metal tip and a sharp front. This tip is responsible for opening the channels in the scalp, and thanks to its’ small size, it leads to the opening of channels more professionally than any other technique of hair transplant. By means of those pens, the patient does not suffer bleeding during the opening process of the channels. This pen has a tiny kit to insert the follicle. So, the extracted follicle from the donor area is hold by the tip of the pen, and then placed to the opened channels one by one.

dhi hair transplant

Phases of DHI Hair Transplant

As in any other hair transplant technique in Turkey, the Choi pens hair transplant technique is based on several stages.


This is the commun phase between the entire phases of hair transplant in general regardless of the technique. In other saying, it is a fundamental stage of the hair transplant procedure. At this stage hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, namely back of the neck, and the sides of the head. After the harvest of these follicles via a micro-motor, the second phase begins.

Implanting the Follicles:

At this particular stage, it takes less time compared to the FUE method; it doesn’t require to keep hair follicles in the hypothermasol solution to prevent them from being exposed to surrounding atmosphere. Once the hair follicles are extracted, they are held via Choi pen. The doctor steers with the the pen the area where the follicle is to be planted. The pen should be at an angle ranging from 40 to 45 degrees, so that the follicles grow correctly backward, not upward. Right after that the competent physician determines the correct place to plant the follicle, presses the pen from the top to release the follicle from the pen until it sits in the designated place.

Important information about DHI technique

There are many similarities between DHI and FUE technique.  In a manner of speaking,  Choi pen technique is the development of the FUE. In fact, both techniques are almost the same at the phase of the extraction of the follicles from the donor area but they completely differ in the rest of the phases. FUE technique requires to keep the follicles in the hyperthermasol solution so that the follicles do not interact with the surrounding area, and each follicle is sorted out separately according to its’ volume, but in Choi’s pens technique its’ not necessary to do that because the follicles are placed in the dedicated pens after extracting them directly. There are three different sizes for pens, so the difference between the follicles can be easily determined.Choi Pens - DHI Hair Transplant (Choi Pens)

In FUE technique, the process is done by relying on a sharp metal pen. This pen causes bloody bleeding in the scalp due to implantation to open the channels. But the patient doesn’t bleed while opening the channels relying on Choi’s pens technique. Because the needle of the pen is very thin, making the injuries less visible than FUE. So we can say that the technique of Choi pens is a much more modern technique than the FUE technique.


Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant

There are a number of important advantages that you will not find in any hair transplant technique except in Choi’s pens technique, including the following:

  • In this technique there is no need to shave the hair of the whole head, because this technique is specially available to deal with hair density problems, so no need to be bald completely. If you suffer from light hair, this technique can treat you from the light hair problem by increasing the density of your hair, so, it is undoubtedly distinctive for women, and those who do not want to shave their hair in general.
  • Choi’s pen technique has the rapid healing feature, and this because the technique causes the least amount of damage, and scars in the scalp, you can simply get rid of the scars resulting from the opening of the channels by Choi’s pen within 7 days maximum, and then you can return to work normally again.
  • Relying on this technique reduces the problem of bleeding which accompanies the hair transplant procedures due to the opening of channels stage, so this technique does not pose any risk to health.
  • The results of this technique are noticeable during the first six months after the hair transplant, and are clearer in the tenth month after the procedure.
  • This technique does not strain the hair follicles, which ensures that they are of high quality when transplanted again, this is because relying on this technique does not need to leave the follicles in solution to maintain them, as once they are extracted they are placed in their pen, and transplanted back again into the scalp.
  • This technique significantly shorten the time of hair transplant, no need to spend many hours until the follicles are preserved, and then open the channels, and then implant them, all of this can be shortened in one step.
  • The pens that are relied upon are sterile pens, and are not reused again with other patients, and this certainly limits the idea of any bacterial infection significantly, as each case has its own pens

When to use Hair Transplant with DHI

 Not all cases that suffer from baldness can rely on Choi’s pen technique in hair transplantation, but there are only certain cases who can resort to it, namely:

  •  Those who have blanks in their hair, or small balding areas at the top of the head, this technique can be effective for them, but for those with large balding areas, relying on this technique is not useful at all.
  • Those who do not want to shave their hair completely such as women, as this technique can plant new follicles next to the old follicles without damaging them.
  • If you want to reduce the front line, sometimes the patient does not suffer from baldness, but suffers from a wide front, here he can get rid of the wide front by reducing the size by planting some follicles in it, this helps to give an aesthetic touch to the shape of the face.

If you have any questions regarding the DHI hair transplant (Choi pens) please do not hesitate to contact with us. We would like to to reply all of your questions with pleasure.

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