Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Many women suffer from some problems with their eyebrows from all over the world. One of the most important of these problems is the lack of high-efficiency hair growth and the continuous loss of eyebrows. So, they resort to the eyebrow transplant procedure in Turkey in order to get rid of these annoying problems for many women that put them in embarrassing situations. This procedure is the final point after taking many chances on many medications which do not help at all.

More About the Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

Eyebrow transplant procedure aims to increase the hair of eyebrows and intensify it through implanting new hair follicles in the eyebrows area. Although this process is considered to be one of the simplest cosmetic procedures, it requires an expert physician with excellent accuracy and skill, so as not to make any distortion or defect in the face. When performing eyebrow transplantation, the doctor must adhere to several important criteria to obtain the desired results from the procedure. The most important of these criteria are:

  1. The physician shall determine the appropriate donor area from which the hair follicles to be implanted will be extracted.
  2. Determining the recipient area where the hair will be implanted and doctor must be careful when implanting the new hair follicles in the eyebrows as they must be implanted in the same direction as the direction of the hair growth. So that they grow normally.
  3. The physician should be concerned with the aesthetic look of the eyebrows and their consistency with the face.

Who are the right candidates for the eyebrow transplant in Turkey?

Eyebrow Transplant - Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

For all cosmetic operations in Turkey, there are some criteria for the patients to comply with. They have to be determined in the pre-surgery period  in order to ensure the success of the operation and not to be exposed to risks and complications. You may see below the most important ones especially for the eyebrow transplant procedure in Turkey:

  1. Patients who suffer from lack of hair growth naturally,
  2. Patients suffering from the loss of eyebrow hair due to a genetic disease,
  3. Patients who suffer from hair loss of the eyebrows caused by some skin diseases such as alopecia and gonorrhea,
  4. Patients who suffer from continuous hair loss due to some bad psychological factors which affect them,
  5. Patients who suffer from severe and continuous hair loss in the eyebrows without any scientific reason.
  6. Patients who have experienced one of the accidents or burns that resulted in defects or loss of eyebrows.

How does FUE Eyebrow Transplant Technique Work?

FUE Technique is one of the most important techniques used in hair transplant, through which the hair is extracted from the donor area (the area that contains dense hair characterized by its toughness and often is located in the lower back of the head in men but it is not fixed in women), and the hair follicles are extracted individually and then they are implanted.

The Procedure of FUE Technique

  1. The patient gets local anesthesia in the head and eyebrows, so he/she does not feel any pain resulted from the extraction and implantation process.
  2. The hair follicles are extracted individually from the donor area, and then they are gathered and saved in a special solution as to keep its’ characteristics, luminosity and hardness.
  3. Opening channels in the recipient areas in the eyebrows by a surgical clamp.
  4. The surgent works on implanting the new follicles in the same direction as the direction of the hair growth as to grow in a healthy way.
Post eyebrow transplant procedure in Turkey
  1. The eyebrow transplantation procedure in Turkey may result in minor side effects such as swelling of the eyebrows, inflammation and redness of the area of the eyebrows caused by the incision of the channels, but these symptoms will gradually disappear during the recovery period.
  2. Feeling severe pain in head and eyebrow area resulted from the follicles extraction and implantation process, and here the patient must go to the doctor to give him pain reliever.
  3. The effects of the eyebrow transplant procedure in Turkey disappear approximately seven days after the operation.
  4. The patient can return to normal life and daily activities after about three days of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey.
  5. There are no risks or complications for eyebrow transplantation in Turkey in case of extra physical exertion and exercise but preferably at least three days after the procedure.

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