Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey is now one of the most common plastic surgeries in the Turkish cosmetic field. Although there are many European countries those have many beauty centers, Turkey has the largest rate of people coming to perform hair transplant operations from all over the world.

This is because hair transplant in Turkey offers a lot of advantages those can not be found in any other European countries such as combining low price with high quality. Thanks to this feature Turkey takes the leading position in this field.

There are many techniques in the field of hair transplant in general and choosing the best method is the tough part considering that they all offer many advantages. So in this article, we take a grand tour to talk about everything related to the field of hair transplant in Turkey and we will try to answer all the questions that concern you about hair transplant operations, its’ techniques and the highlights through this transplant in turkey - Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant is a procedure of extraction of the follicules from the donor site which is the back of the neck of the patient who suffers from baldness, then transplanting them in the balding area right after opening ducts for these grafts into the scalp. This process takes place at more than one stage and lasts 5 to 7 hours depending on the size of the balding patch which is the area that will be treated. The larger the area means the longer the operation and the technique used in this process can shorten the time of the operation or may prolong it. The old techniques used to take longer time compared to modern techniques.

Donor area in hair transplant

hair transplant - Hair Transplant in TurkeyWe can not talk about hair transplant without laying emphasis on the donor area, as it is the basis of the operation. This area is mostly located on both sides of the head and in the back of the neck. It shouldn’t be exposed to baldness like the frontal or the middle area. So that the follicles are collected from these sites succesfully. In the past, the grafts were used to be collected by taking a whole piece of scalp containing follicles via the slicing technique and placed stretching them to from the right ear to the left ear. It used to result in the distortion of the whole area. But today, by the adoption of the new extraction techniques of  the hair from the donor area, it looks completely natural after the operation.

Advantages of hair transplant in Turkey

Before we talk about hair transplantation in general and the techniques which are used in transplant, let us know why Turkey is the best foreign country to be resorted to conduct such procedures, and the reasons are as follows:-

  • Hair transplant centers in Turkey combine competitive prices with high quality service in the cosmetic fields in general and the field of hair transplant in particular.
  • Turkey is a home to the most experienced and skilled medical teams in this field.
  • Clinics and hospitals are kept a tight grip by many stringent laws of  the Turkish government to have them to take all the measures.
  • The language difference is not an obstacle to go to Turkey and to have these operations.  Many clinics provide personal translator service and as Easy Esthetic we have a number of customer care service in different languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese etc. So, the communication problem is no longer exists.
  • The majority of hair transplant centers in Turkey offer a certificate of guarantee that newly transplanted hair you will grow and will not cause you any complications.
  • All Turkish hair transplant centers provide post-procedure services which ensure that the competent medical team will be in contact with you to follow your health condition after the procedure to ensure that the process is achieving the desired results.
  • It is also possible to take advantage of the opportunity of being in Turkey to enjoy a visit to Turkey’s famous tourist spots. Some of the hair transplant centers in Turkey offer tours as a gift to the patients.
hair transplant

Instructions and pre-hair transplant tips

Before the operation, the doctor examines the patient to check if there is any health problem which can pose a risk for hair transplant. Here you may see the procedures followed pre-operation period:

  • A blood test is made to monitore the blood glucose level and check the blood pressure in order to determine the patient’s health status.
  • Smoking is forbidden for up to 24 hours prior to surgery.
  • Patient should avoid alcoholic drinks for at least 3 days before the operation.
  • The patient should be careful to inform the doctor of all medications he takes regularly.
  • The patient is advised to rest fully before the day of the operation.
  • The patient must have a good breakfast before going to the operation.
  • The patient should choose loose clothing so that it can be removed after the operation not to damage the newly planted grafts.
  • Patient should wash the hair well before the day of operation and on the day of the operation too.
  • Right before the operation, the hair is completely shaved.

Hair transplant techniques in Turkey


There are many techniques for  hair transplant. Some of them are similar in some phases. You may see below the details of each technique used in hair transplant. So that you can have a chance to take a look at in general. hair transplant in turkey 1 1 - Hair Transplant in Turkey

  1. FUE Hair Transplant (Extraction)

FUE technique is one of the most common techniques used in hair transplant procedures. It is not only easy to apply but also causes no damage at all. Its’ phases are as follows:

  • The patient is subjected to local anesthesia. So that the patient does not feel any pain during hair transplantation.
  • Then hair follicles are extracted via the micromotor from the back of the neck (the donor site) which is not affected by baldness as to compared to the thinning area.
  • The follicles are saved in the Hemothermasol solution which ensures the validity of the follicles after their extraction from the head.
  • Then, channels are opened inside the scalp via a pen with a metallic head and the follicles are planted into these channels. After planting follicles in the balding patch, the procedure of hair transplant ends with a medical dressing.


Advantages of a hair transplant using the FUE technique

  • The FUE technique is the most common technique in the field of hair transplantation.
  • This technique is considered to have a lower price compared to the the other techniques.
  • Its’ result comes out within the average time of 6 to 12 months completely.
  • This method does not pose any risk to human life.


  • Hair transplant by using DHI (Choi Pens)

This technique is the ideal solution especially for women patients who do not want to shave their hair completely and for those suffering from problems with the hair density degree. Because this method does not require the patient to shave the hair completely as it works on filling the spaces that have no hair. This technique is applied by means of a set of pens which are known as Choi pens. It is based on several phases as follows:

  • The patient is subjected to local anesthesia.
  • The hair follicles are be extracted from the donor area.
  • The extracted follicles are loaded into Choi implanter pen.
  • Then the pen is put on the scalp at an appropriate angle to plant the follicle. By pressing on the back of the pen the channel are opened and the follicle is inserted at the same time, at the right place.

Advantages of a hair transplant using DHI technique (Choi pens)

  • This technique takes less time than FUE technique.
  • This technique does not cause scars and wounds thanks to the pen with a tapered and small head.
  • The operation is done by a special and single-use pen for each case. So, the circulating of bacterial infection is prevented.
  • The recovery period takes less time as this technique does not cause scars.
  • This technique can be used for people who want to grow beard and mustache.
  • It can also be used for eyebrow transplant.
  • Hair transplant by Perkutan technique (Perkutan Pen)

This is one of the special techniques in hair transplant procedures. We can consider it as the upgraded version of FUE technique by taking into consideration of the Perkutan pen. This small pen contributes to the opening of the channels. It is less painful than other techniques, the faster in the recovery period. Thanks to the Perkutan pen we can plant approximately 6.000 follicles. Phases of this techniques are:

  • The patient is subjected to local anesthesia after shaving his whole head.
  • The doctor will take out the follicles that will be planted later from the donor area, taking into consideration the general look of the donor area.
  • Then the extracted follicles are saved in the Hemothermasol solution which ensures the validity of the follicles after their extraction from the donor site.
  • The channels on the scalp are open via Perkutan pen.
  • Then the follicles are implanted in the desired areas, taking into account the precise direction of each hair.

Advantages of perkutan technique for hair transplant

  • This technique is a good alternative for FUE technique and less harmful.
  • The scars after this technique are very low compared to the scars resulted from FUE technique due to the Perkutan pen.
  • Large follicular units can be implanted via this technique according to the needs of the balding area.
  • Perkutan technique gives natural results in a time period from 6 months to 12 months.

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