Hair Transplant via Sapphire Technique

Recently, hair transplantation in Turkey has been one of the most prominent cosmetic procedures in Turkey, and has attracted a great deal of interest from the Turkish citizens themselves, as well as the Arabs.

Recently, there have been many trips to Turkey from all the Gulf countries to perform hair transplant procedures. This is not surprising, especially since Turkey has witnessed a major boom in cosmetic development over the past years, making Turkey the most popular country when it comes to the field of cosmetic surgery, especially hair transplantation.

Turkey offers many, and many different techniques used in the field of hair transplant, including Sapphire hair transplantation technique, which is one of the latest techniques in the field of hair transplantation in the current period, and it is a wonderful technique, that significantly developed the cosmetic field of hair transplantation.

So today, we will talk in details about Sapphire hair transplantation technique, and if you want to know more details about it, follow us in the next report to learn about all the information about this outstanding hair transplant technique.

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Sapphire Hair Transplant

It is a new technique that has recently emerged in the field of hair transplantation, which is based on the Sapphire’s pen; this pen contains the Sapphire stone, so the technique was named by this name due to this distinctive stone. This stone is characterized by being sharp, tapered, and very thin, making it a perfect choice, and a more than wonderful tool that can be used in the stage of opening channels during the hair transplantation procedure, and this stone is an excellent antibacterial for bacteria and germs, which makes it safe to be used, as it does not cause any side effects on the health of the patient when used in hair transplantation.

The Phases of Sapphire Technique

Since we are talking about the Sapphire technique as one of the best techniques of hair transplantation, let us learn about the stages on which hair transplant depends when using the Sapphire technique, which are as follows:

Phase of Preparation for Procedure

This stage is an indispensable stage in hair transplant procedures, in which the nurse will shave the hair of the head completely, if needed, but the hair transplant using Sapphire technique can be done while retaining the hair of the head, there is no problem with that. Then the doctor will numb the scalp with anesthesia needles, so that the patient does not feel any pain at the start and during the procedure, and it is noteworthy here that the injection needles that are given to the patient in the hair transplant procedures in general are local anesthesia needles, which makes the possibility of the patient’s exposure to complications due to over doses of anesthesia impossible, while this is a problem with total anesthesia. In local anesthesia, the patient is aware of all the things that are happening around him. He can feel everything around him during the procedure. He can also browse the phone or watch something if he wants to. Anesthesia does not pose any risk to human life. Hair transplantation is not at all dangerous to human health, especially the Sapphire hair transplantation technique.

Phase of Extraction the Follicles

There is a device known as Micro motor, this device works to extract hair follicles from the donor area located in the back of the scalp, or in the two sides area, and it is worth mentioning that this device is used in all techniques of hair transplant not only Sapphire hair transplant technique, this is because it works to extract the follicle that will be transplanted later from the donor area correctly and does not harm the scalp, nor the extracted follicle, because the follicular that is removed from the donor area should be in a good condition so that it can be implanted again in the area that suffers from baldness.

Hair Transplant via Sapphire Technique - Hair Transplant via Sapphire Technique

Phase of Retention of the Follicles

This stage is very similar to the FUE technique, since after extracting the hair follicles are well sorted and retained in the Hemothermasol solution, which is an important stage in the hair transplantation procedure, as if these follicles are not retained in this solution the follicles will be damaged and become unsusceptible for re-implantation in the area with baldness, this is because this solution protects the follicles from the risk of metabolism. This is normal when the follicles are removed from their roots where they have been suspended for many years. They will interact in one way or another with the surrounding environment, making them weak, therefore, this solution keeps them on the same condition as they were removed from the scalp.

Phase of Opening the Channels

The main difference between hair transplant techniques comes in this particular stage, where the tool that will be used in opening the channels where the follicles will be implanted differs from one technique to another. If a normal metal needle is used, we will be dealing with the FUE hair transplantation. If we use choi pen to open the channels, we will be dealing with hair transplantation using choi pens and if the follicles are opened by the Perkutan pen we will be dealing with hair transplantation using Perkutan pen. In the technique we are talking about today, a pen containing the Sapphire’s stone is used. Therefore, it was known as Sapphire hair transplantation. This stone enables the specialist doctor to open the channels in a more professional manner, and does not cause any scars such as FUE technique. Also the recovery time is faster than in the FUE technique.

Phase of Transplant

Using medical tweezers, the follicles preserved in the Hemothermasol solution are withdrawn and dropped in the channels opened by the Sapphire pen, and then the competent physician must consider dropping each follicle in its designated location, so that the hair grows again with the same intensity of the rest of the hair while retaining the appearance of natural hair.

Advantages of Sapphire Hair Transplant Technique

  • One of the most important advantages Sapphire technique can offer to those who want to do hair transplantation is that it does not leave any scars that lead to a damage to the scalp and distort the general look of the scalp.
  • With no scars, this makes recovery time after hair transplant easier, and much faster. Technique such as the FUE technique was taking a long time to recover after the operation, and it also causes scars that cause pruritus on the scalp. They also exposed the scalp because of its dependence on the appearance of pimples and red pills, all of which need not be treated if it is based on hair transplantation by the ambassador. The technology does not cause all these problems. It also leaves visible scars and those scars cause itching in the scalp. The possibility of getting pimples and red acnes on the scalp is also large. No need to deal with all of this if you relied on Sapphire hair transplant, because this technique does not cause all of these problems.
  • With this technique, you can keep the hair of the head as it is, or you can shave it, as your doctor considers suitable for your condition. This technique can be considered similar to Choi’s pen technique, where there is no need to completely shave the hair.
  • This technique allows you to grow up to 7,000 follicles, making the appearance of grown hair natural and intensive. However, it should be noted that this depends on the density of the donor area itself, so the more dense the donor area, you can take from it as many hair follicles as possible, and implanted them in the area that suffers from baldness.
  • There is more than one size of the Sapphire’s pen, which allows the doctor to open channels of different sizes, and certainly, this gives the hair natural appearance.
  • The sapphire’s pen has a sharp, anti-bacterial surface, which facilitates the wide opening of channels, and prevents damage to the public health of the scalp resulting from hair transplantation procedures.
  • Relying on this technique reduces the time spent in conducting the procedure compared to the time consumed in the hair transplant procedures depending on Choi pens technique for example, as the Sapphire’s technique may consume 7 hours while the Choi pens technique may take 10 hours, but the time is also determined on other grounds, the most important of which is the size of the area affected by the baldness, where the more the scalp suffers from a large balding area, the longer the procedure takes time.

What is the difference between FUE Hair Transplant and Sapphire Hair Transplant?

The difference lies in more than one point, the most important of which is the instrument used, the metal tool used in the FUE technique causes scars, and wounds in the scalp, and the sapphire’s pen used in the Sapphire technique does not cause this. FUE technique allows you to plant 5000 follicles, while the Sapphire technique allows you to plant 7000 follicles, also FUE technique requires you to shave your hair completely, while the sapphire technique does not force you to do so, and the recovery time in the sapphire technique is shorter than the FUE technique. However, FUE technique is cheaper than the Sapphire technique.

What is the difference between Sapphire Hair Transplant and Choi Pens Hair Transplant?

The Sapphire technique and Choi pens are similar in the part that there is no need to shave the whole head, making it a perfect technique for those who do not want to shave their hair completely. But the Sapphire technique outperforms Choi’s pens in terms of time spent in the procedure of hair transplant using the sapphire technique.  Sapphire technique allows you to implant more follicles than Choi’s pens technique in a shorter period. With the sapphire technique, you can implant 7000 follicles while Choi’s pens allows you to implant 2500 follicles maximum.

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