Perkutan Technique Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant via Perkutan Technique

The baldness is a psychological problem before being an appearance problem; so many people with baldness suffer on the psychological level significantly due to baldness, especially if they were bald in the first periods of youth.

This is certainly one of the things that a young man does not expect at the very least of his life. Suddenly he finds himself suffering from a terrible hair loss, and tries hard to treat it, but to no avail, where he finds that there is no result from medications, and recipes he uses periodically to re-grow hair again.

Therefore, he forces himself to deal with baldness, and accept it reluctantly, but then feels that his appearance is much older than he actually is which makes him suffer from depression, and lack of self-confidence. As we know exactly what you are feeling now, you do not have to worry, because with our center (easy esthetic) you can get rid of this problem now, with the Perkutan hair transplant that can get rid you of baldness completely and restore your confidence in yourself.

Perkutan Technique Hair Transplant - Perkutan Technique Hair TransplantWhat is the Perkutan Technique?

It is one of the new techniques used in the field of hair transplant in Turkey, which is based on a more developed and modern tool known as Perkutan pen. This pen makes the procedure of opening the channels smooth, harmless at all, as the Perkutan pen does not cause scars, which makes the procedure of hair transplant in general very smooth, and does not pose any risk to the patient’s health, or affecting his appearance as well. In order to find out more about the dimensions of Perkutan Technique Hair Transplant, let us learn more about its stages.

The phases of Perkutan Technique

Perkutan Technique involves several phases as below:

Preparation Phase

At this point the patient will have to shave his hair completely, as in this technique there is no chance to transplant hair with retaining the hair of the head as in Choi’s pen technique. The patient must shave the hair to transplant hair with Perkutan Technique. Before going to the center the patient must make sure of washing his hair well as to get prepared for the procedure, and he also must have a good breakfast to be in an excellent physical condition, and uncomplicated before starting the procedure, especially since the procedure may take some time.

Anesthesia phase

It is an important stage in hair transplant in which the patient is anesthetized locally, after marking the area that will be planted with the bold black pen, so that the area that will be implanted which suffers from baldness will not mix with the area that contains hair follicles. The scalp must be fully anesthetized; this is because some of the follicles will also be taken from the donor area, so the total anesthesia to the scalp must be done. This is done by an anesthetic needle that is applied to different areas of the scalp to numb the entire scalp. 

The Extraction Phase

The stage of extraction is a key stage in hair transplantation, in which the hair follicles, which will be transplanted again in the affected area, are taken from the donor area. Of course, the donor area is determining the fate of the whole procedure, as it must be dense, and has many follicles as to be qualified to take from them some follicles, the follicles that will be planted again are extracted with the micromotor device.

Phase of Sorting the Follicles

After the extraction of the follicles, they are taken, sorted according to their quality and size, and they will be placed in the hypothermasol solution. This solution has an effective role in maintaining the efficiency of the hair follicle extracted from the donor area. because if it is not saved in this solution, may weaken the follicle, and it will become bad for implantation, because of exposure to metabolism due to its interaction with the surrounding environment.

Phase of Opening the Channels

The tool that is used in Perkutan hair transplant technique is more modern than the tool used in FUE hair transplant technique, which makes the Perkutan technique more developed and more modern than FUE technique. A tool that looks like scissors and has a sharp metal tip is used in the FUE technique, and that makes cutting the channels more damaging to the scalp, because it leaves scars and cracks during implantation in the scalp. The tool that is used in Perkutan technique is a thin pen with very small metal head, which opens the channels in the scalp more professionally and is less damaging to the scalp. This device allows the doctor to open the channels more professionally, which allows him to open the channels at an angle of 40 to 45 degrees, which makes the hair grow naturally after that.

Phase of Implanting the Follicles

After the end of the channels opening, the follicles are then implanted, and this is done through tweezers pull the follicles of the hypothermasol solution, and drop them in the channels opened by the Perkutan pen, which is the last stage of hair transplantation, and then the patient can leave the hospital, and go home.

The Difference Between Perkutan and FUE Technique

The difference lies mainly in the tool that is used to open channels within the scalp, where the Perkutan hair transplantation technique is similar to the FUE technique in all stages, but they differ in the tool used to open the channels where the follicles will be planted. Therefore, Perkutan technique and FUE technique can be considered as two synonyms techniques, except at the stage of opening channels only.

Advantages of Perkutan Technique in Hair Transplant

There are many advantages provided by Perkutan Technique, which are:

  • This technique does not have blood clotting or bleeding. This is because the Perkutan pen, which is used in this the technique to open the channels, does not cause any scalp lesions, making bleeding from open channels almost non-existent.
  • This technique allows the doctor to open the largest number of follicles next to each other, because the tool responsible for channeling is very thin, which allows the opening of channels next to each other in a large number than the channels that are opened in the FUE technique, giving an appearance of more dense hair on the scalp.
  • The technique does not leave the scalp suffering from scars and wounds after surgery. The scars and wounds are mainly due to the opening of channels and the tool used to open them. As this technique adopts a more advanced and modern tool, this tool does not leave scars on the scalp like FUE technique.
  • Fast recovery time, because the scars left by the procedure are almost non-existent, making it easier for the patient to return to normal life within 7 days of the day of the operation.
  • This technique shortens a lot of time, as the Perkutan pen allows fast opening of channels within the scalp, and more accurately, which shortens the time of the procedure.
  • Relying on this technique in hair transplantation allows the patient to control the direction of hair growth, is because the Perkutan pen helps the competent physician to open the channels as he sees fit.
  • This technique is one of the most common techniques in the field of hair transplantation in general, which contributes to a more natural appearance of the hair implanted, as no one will realize that this hair has been implanted recently, or not consistent with the overall appearance of the hair of the head.

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