A good smile will help people to gain self-confidence and positive contribute your communication with other people. Hollywood smile is an effective smile design that helps you to have the perfect smile with white teeth, teeth size-length ratio and aligned look, health gums and lip harmony. 

Since our face shape and teeth are a whole, your smile needs to aesthetically fit this whole. Teeth structure and face shape harmony is the golden key for attractive and beautiful smile. Hollywood smile design can take between 2-15 days depending on mouth structure and dental problems of the patient. 

hollywood smile

4 golden rules for Hollywood smile

  • Upper front teeth must not have visible filling. Upper central teeth must be more dominant and in front of other teeth. Lower incisor teeth must look beautiful when smiling, upper teeth arc must be wide and first molar teeth must be visible. 
  • Lip line of women is 1.5 mm higher than men. Therefore, 1-2 mm gum visibility is acceptable for women.
  • Lips must be symmetrical. 
  • Lip width must be at least half of your face. 

Processes for Hollywood smile

You smile depends on many factors like your age, face line, lip and gender. Personalised smile design starts by determining face shape and teeth form for that face shape. Front two teeth are longer than others in women. There are small gaps between neighbouring teeth. Teeth corners are softer and smile line has an upward curve. In men, neighbouring teeth are connected on a straighter line. Teeth line is clearer and smile line is straighter. When needed, porcelain veneer, teeth whitening and implant treatment are procedures applied in Hollywood smile design. 

Porcelain veneer: These are porcelain leaf coating for non-aesthetic looking teeth like crooked, spaced, broken or yellow teeth. After teeth surfaces are slightly corroded, these veneers are applied on front part of teeth. There is minimum intervention to teeth tissue. This way, teeth structure is preserved and this procedure is completed in short time. Since porcelain veneer can pass the light, it is impossible to distinguish it from original teeth and these veneers will not change colour.

Implant treatment: This is a procedure for teeth losses that damage teeth aesthetic. Titanium implants that imitate teeth root are placed on the bone. Later, dental prosthesis are applied. It is possible to use this procedure when there is one or more teeth loss. 

Teeth whitening: Most important component of the perfect smile is white teeth. Teeth whitening procedure method is applied by recommendations of our densest to lighten teeth colour or eliminate colour change. There are teeth whitening application that could be applied at home or office. Your dentist might combine these two methods. 

Gingiva aesthetic: This is applied with gingiva has asymmetrical view or revealed too much when smiling. 

Smile expressions in smile design

In Hollywood smile application, there are 3 main smile expressions. But these three options can be personalised for everyone.  Main smile expressions can be defined as follows:

Intellectual smile: This is smile that gives mature, intellectual and knowledgeable look. Teeth are aligned on horizontal and straight line. Bottom part of the face is emphasised. 

Attractive smile: Front teeth are noticeably longer than other teeth. Young individuals have this teeth. Over time, front teeth might wear off and become shorter. Longer front teeth gives you young, dynamic and attractive smile. Attractive smile is generally applied to younger patients. 

Sportive smile: Central incisor teeth are slightly longer than side teeth. In this smile, sincere and warmer smile is the main target. This does not have childish or young smile like in attractive smile or serious look like intellectual smile. 

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