Gastric Balloon

Obesity is one of the most common problems facing most people in the whole world. Therefore, science has developed ways and methods to get rid of obesity and excess weight.

The most important of these are stomach Gastric Balloon in Turkey as well as the sleeve gastrectomy and other procedures.

Obesity causes many problems. The most important of which are many physical diseases such as liver dysfunction, clogged arteries and coronary artery, etc., because of the accumulation of fat on the organs, which prevents them from working, it also causes mental illness such as depression and lack of self-confidence, therefore emerged a Gastric Balloon in Turkey to solve these problems.

The fight against obesity and overweight is one of the most common and popular cosmetic operations, and it has achieved great success, especially the Gastric Balloon in Turkey, which is increasing the popularity of people so the Gastric Balloon in Turkey is the ideal solution for people who are overweight and have followed many diets and have not found any effective results, so this operation has emerged to reduce the problem of obesity in the whole world.

Gastric Balloon - Gastric BalloonBest Esthetic offers proven and effective methods to treat the problem of obesity. The Center offers a wide range of cosmetic operations for obesity elimination, the most important of which is the sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery, adjustable gastric band and gastric balloon in Turkey, not only that, but the center also concerned with the treatment of the problems of thinness and offers many of the operation of slimming and uses many effective ways to treat thinness also, including injection of fat and others.

A stomach balloon in Turkey is one of the most important methods used to get rid of obesity, one of the non-surgical procedures that aim to lose weight by reducing the amount of food consumed by the person by placing a balloon of silicon filled with water inside the stomach which helps the person to feel full faster.

Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey

The Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey is one of the most important methods used in the elimination of obesity and overweight. The Sleeve Gastrectomy is called a lot of different terms, including Gastric stapling, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and other terms.

The Sleeve Gastrostomy is aimed at removing a large part of the stomach may be up to 85% of the size of the stomach and only a small part of the stomach is 15%, and during the Sleeve Gastrectomy, the hormone responsible for hunger in the stomach is eliminated, which makes the sense of great satiety.

What is the difference between Gastric Balloon in Turkey and the Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Both the Gastric Balloon in Turkey and the Sleeve Gastrectomy, aim to get rid of obesity and excess weight by feeling full and reduce the amount of food that was consumed by the person.

The Gastric Balloon differs in Turkey from the Sleeve Gastrectomy because the Gastric Balloon is non-surgical operation whereby the stomach is filled with silicone balloon. The Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical procedure by which a large part of the stomach is removed.

gastric balloon turkey

Reasons for resorting to Gastric Balloon operation in Turkey

The Gastric Balloon is a haven for people who are overweight and did not fit with diets and exercise, and obesity has led to the exposure of the person to many diseases, including:

1- The person who is obese is exposed to diabetes type 2.

2- The person who is obese is exposed to high blood pressure.

3- The obese person is exposed to Obstructive sleep apnea.

Because of exposure to these diseases and other physical and psychological diseases is recommended to perform a Gastric Balloon in Turkey.

Who is suitable for the Gastric Balloon?

In order to show effective and impressive results of the Gastric Balloon in Turkey, the person must achieve several qualities to get the desired result of the process are:

1- The person must work to change his entire life style, and follow the healthy habits and dietary protections that are recommended by the doctor after the operation.

2- To take into account that the amount of weight loss will not exceed 40 kilos, as the Gastric Balloon in Turkey achieve a weight loss ranges from (30 – 40) kg, and if you want to lose weight more than that recommended the Gastric Balloon.

3- The person must have not any operation in your stomach or esophagus before.

If you have these qualities, the results will be impressive, and if none of these qualities are available, you are not advised to have a stomach balloon in Turkey, and go to the doctor to determine the type of surgery that suits you.

Types of gastric balloon in Turkey within Best Esthetic Center

There are many types of balloon used in the process of balloon stomach in Turkey, including what is from America, including what is coming from China and other different species, a person must deal with a reliable center such as the Best Esthetic Center with expertise in the gastric balloon in Turkey because there are many types of counterfeit and unreliable, but the Best Esthetic Center provides excellent types with statements from the Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America and the most famous of these types:

Orbera Balloon

Balloon Orbera is one of the most popular balloon types used in a gastric balloon in Turkey within the Best Esthetic Center, and Balloon Orbera is a balloon that is inserted into the stomach by mouth using an enteroscope. The Orbera balloon is filled with saline solution by catheterization, and simple drops of blue dye may be added to the balloon.

The Orbera balloon is characterized by reducing the amount of food intake because it takes into the stomach and fill the appetite. The Orbira balloon settles in the stomach for about 6 months and reduces the weight of the person during which about 30% of his body. This is why Orbera Balloon is one of the best types of balloon used in the gastric balloon in Turkey and the most stable in the stomach and not be degraded inside the stomach.

Reshape Balloon

Balloon Reship is a binary balloon, a balloon approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America, one of the species used in the Gastric  Balloonin Turkey , the Reshape balloon is very similar to the Orbera balloon, both of which are entered into the stomach by mouth through an enteroscope, both of which lose weight about 30 to 40 kg, both of which are filled with the same saline solution.

Obalon Balloon

The opalon balloon is a triangular padded balloon, and the Obalon balloon differs from the previous two, as it is a tablet or capsules that swallow and expand in the stomach, and the doctor continues stages of expansion using a telescope, and balloon Obalon one of the best types of balloon used in the gastric balloon in Turkey.

The tablets or capsules of Obalon Balloon are ingested on three different doses each tablet dose and each dose is taken once a month. The three tablets are taken over a period of three months.

Spatz Balloon

Spatz Balloon is one of the excellent balloon types to be used for gastric balloon in Turkey. Although this balloon is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, it has proven its efficacy and effectiveness in the stomach balloon operation in Turkey within the Best Esthetic Center.

Balloon Spatz is a hollow balloon that is inserted through the mouth, and then swells into the stomach and then the doctor is working to modify it in the stomach, the balloon is characterized by its ability to stay inside the stomach, which may be more than a year, and the ability to stability and stability and non-exposure to holes. It is also possible to control the size of the volume during the period of stay in the stomach, so this balloon is one of the best types of balloon used in the gastric balloon in Turkey because of its multiple advantages.

The steps of Gastric Balloon prepared in Turkey within Best Esthetic Center

The Gastric Balloon in Turkey is one of the simplest cosmetic operations in the field of reducing the weight of excess, and yet it has specific steps must be performed by the doctor to obtain the required results and these steps are:

1- Choose the type of balloon suitable for a person to perform a balloon in the stomach in Turkey based on the patient’s desire to see the doctor.

2- The Gastric Balloon is carried out in Turkey within the center of Best Esthetic in the endoscopy unit and when doing this procedure must be a patient anesthetic.

3- The catheter is inserted from the mouth and is a thin tube loaded with balloon that enters from the mouth to the stomach.

4- The flow of catheter loaded with balloon is followed by a very small camera that is inserted with the balloon to follow up and ensure its success.

5- After the balloon is stabilized, the catheter is removed. The procedure is completed no later than 30 minutes. The patient can return home the same day after the operation is completed.

After the Gastric Balloon in Turkey

1- After the operation, do not eat any food or liquids for six hours to ensure the stability of the balloon first, and after six hours can be taken some fluids or drinks.

2- It is recommended in the first week after the process to avoid as far as possible from eating food and follow a diet based on fluids to ensure the stability of the balloon.

3- In the second week of the operation you can eat some soft and soft mashed foods, and keep away from hard foods so as not to affect the balloon.

4- In the third week, you can start eating the usual food a little bit and no fear on the balloon after three weeks.

5- You should follow the doctor to ensure the success of the balloon throughout the stomach.

6- Feeling full faster, this is the goal of the stomach balloon process, filling the stomach and filling the appetite.

Complications and risks of gastric balloon operation in Turkey

The gastric balloon in Turkey, like other cosmetic operations as well as their advantages and benefits may have some damage and risk and the most important risks of gastric balloon:

1- Feel the pain of the stomach, but follow the doctor and prescribe the appropriate medication pain.

2- Feeling nausea, vomiting and discomfort after the operation, but it is normal to disappear after the body returns to the existence of something strange inside the stomach.

The cost of the gastric balloon in Turkey is within Best Esthetic

The cost of the operation in the center varies depending on the type of operation to be performed on the patient. As the cost of the Sleeve gastrectomy is different from the cost of the adjustable gastric band and also differs from the cost of liposuction and differs from the cost of Gastric bypass surgery and also differs from the cost of gastric balloon in Turkey within Best Esthetic Center. In any case, the gastric balloon is the least expensive between the different types of previous operation, and the center offers competitive prices to its customers with high accuracy and great skill in the operation.

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