Stomach Botox

The Botox technique in Turkey is one of the most modern techniques used recently, which was linked to after the operation of shorten the stomach and balloon operation in the stomach to contribute to the elimination of the problem of obesity, and suffering with it, It may be a little technical when you hear about it, and this is because we always used to hear about Botox technology as a cosmetic technology for the skin, where through the use of the disposal of many of the skin problems suffered by the skin, Especially the face, Botox can eliminate the wrinkles of the skin, And the lines in them, and a lot of other problems facing the skin,  Especially with the period of aging,  Cosmetic Botox is injected into the stomach. This is definitely something we do not hear much about. In the following report, the Best Esthetic Center will introduce you to the latest technology in the field of contributing to the elimination of obesity. Botox in Turkey

More About Stomach Botox in Turkey

Just as Botox is used for the face, it is used in the stomach. Botox, which is injected into the stomach wall, is not very different from Botox, which is injected with the face. Botox is a bacterial substance that paralyzes muscle movement, when the face is injected; it blocks the movement of the muscles that have resulted in wrinkles because of constriction over time, thus making the appearance more youthful.

stomach botox - Stomach BotoxOn the other hand, when it comes to stomach, the feeling of hunger comes basically after emptying the stomach of the food in it, and sent to the intestines, In order for this operation to occur, the stomach is a lot of contractions, and complications to grind, analyze, and send, and after the end of this operation, The role of Botox here which the doctor injects the patient is paralyzing the bowel movement, but not completely, as it makes the movement slower than the normal rate, and this makes the possibility of digestion of food, and unloading the stomach is slow is The other,  Which makes the person feel full, and the need to eat for a long time, and when the need to eat less will lead to weight loss, This is due to the reduction of food rations.

It should be noted that Botox is not a permanent substance. If we talk about the treatment of wrinkles with Botox, we will find, for example, that after a period this article will stop working, this is determined by the nature of each case on its own. There are women who may have Botox for months, and there are women who continue with Botox for one year. Thus, with Botox injections in the stomach where it can last for months, or even a full year, which serves to help the patient to reach the weight that has long dreamed of, this is after he can restrain his appetite and reduce his ongoing suffering with food cravings. Therefore, you should understand that the Botox injection technique is not a technique that is used to lose weight as much as a technique that contributes, albeit indirectly, to weight loss.

Phases of Stomach Injection in Turkey

Here you may see the details of this surgery

 It is really important to understand how the procedure is.  Phases of Stomach Injection Botox as follows:

In the beginning, the patient will have to undergo fasting for 12 full hours before going to the center, and this is because the specialist doctor will enter a telescope from the patient’s mouth, so the stomach shall be completely clean. The doctor may resort to spraying an anesthetic spray on the throat area, this is to avoid the sensation of annoying vomit that the patient feels when inserting the telescope in his mouth, but not anesthesia, as the patient is fully aware of everything that is going on around him, and this is because the doctor in need of the movement of swallowing caused by the patient as a result of the presence of a foreign object in his mouth , This movement will provide him with a clearer vision needed to be able to complete the injection safely.

stomach botox 1 - Stomach BotoxAfter access to the intestine, the specialist doctor inject the wall of the stomach in different parts of them with Botox, which is present in the injection needle hanging at the end of the endoscope, The injection is done in the muscles of the wall of the stomach in measured proportions, and calculated, so it is not random, but the patient determines the proportions required to inject, which works to block the movement of the stomach by 50% of its normal rate, Making the bowel discharge much less.

Sometimes the doctor also tries if he is skilled at targeting the nerve that connects the stomach, and the central nervous system, this nerve and its main function is to commit the stomach to perform its function of food digestion, and unloading, when the movement of this nerve is paralyzed, it will affect the movement of the stomach significantly, making the person in full saturation for long periods.

After the completion of emptying, the Botox in the places allocated to the doctor out of the endoscope of the stomach through the pharynx how to enter it, and then the patient can leave the center without any problem.

This entire operation may take about an hour, or an hour but a quarter, this depends on the competence of the competent doctor, the extent of his experience in the implementation of this operation, in addition to the circumstances surrounding it at the time of the operation.

What should be followed before injecting the stomach with Botox?

Although this technique is simple to adopt, it is not random, but the patient shall adhere to the following:

The patient shall inform the doctor of all matters related to his health, If there is any medication, he or she should tell the doctor, or if he is allergic to something, medication, or anesthesia, he should also tell the doctor.

 As if there are chronic medications that the patient persists, you should also tell your doctor.

Your doctor will also advise you to discontinue medications that contain blood clots, such as aspirin, aspirin, and you shall fully comply with this information, and this is because these emollients may cause blood bleeding during injection, and this certainly will not be in your interest, so you should stop taking it before the operation more than a day, and this period determined by the doctor concerned.

If you have any health problems you have to tell your doctor, do not neglect to mention anything, because for you it may not be important, but the doctor is very important.

If you have gastroenteritis, you should also tell your doctor.

If your health condition has forced you to perform any stomach surgery before, your doctor should prescribe the esophagus.

Avoid taking antacids, and all medications that affect the infectious juices before the day you do the procedure.

You should fast for 12 full hours before going to the center.

Post- Microinjecting

Sometimes the patient may feel discomfort in his throat, which is normal, given the introduction of the endoscope from the mouth, and the throat will then be still under the anesthetic, which the doctor sprayed on the throat during the operation, so avoid eating, or drinking until the drug completely disappears, and feel that your throat has become normal again.

Botox operation in the stomach, although it is simple in its technique, but may feel after the patient for some time with discomfort, exhaustion, fatigue, or even confusion and intellectual inability to exercise natural activities, for example, and this is normal, this feeling will be removed after several hours of the procedure, and the patient can return, and exercise all his life activities again, as if nothing happened.

The results of Botox injections need to be done four to six months before you feel tangible, effective results on your body. You should consider that it is a weight-loss exercise, not overnight.

Although the actual results of Botox injections in the stomach need months to appear clear on the patient’s body, the feeling of fullness, the satiety caused by the injection of the stomach Botox immediately appears, after the operation, where the patient will feel full for long periods longer than the rate that is used to it.

Highlights for the Botox Operation Stomach in Turkey

You shall keep in mind that the technique on which we rely on technology helps you to lose weight, and is not a major reason to decrease, so if you do not commit to a healthy diet, and exercise continuously, this technique will not work for you, as if you did not perform any operation. On the other hand, you should also pay attention as we explained in the past that the injection Botox stomach is not always, but it lasts for a few months, and in case the end of the effect, and you are still suffering from obesity, and you want to undergo the operation again you will have to wait for 6 months full of the last time you injected the stomach Botox.

The most important characteristic of this technique is that it contributes to your weight loss moderately fast, not large, Which makes you vulnerable to weight loss as a result of weight loss, contrary to the left gastric bypass, and stapling the stomach, which leaves behind skin flabby, which causes the appearance is not likable to the patient, although he managed to get rid of excess weight remained loose skin obstacle in the way of success By losing weight.

People with Botox

This operation is not suitable for those who suffer from a large increase in weight, but it is an operation that can serve those who suffer from some kilo excess grams, or those who suffer from poor control of appetite, although they tried repeatedly, and repeatedly adhere to food systems, and follow a healthy lifestyle, But to no avail, where they always fail.

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