Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Aesthetic (Penoplasty) Surgery –  Permanent Penis Enlargement Surgery (Penile Lengthening and Thickening)

One of the most important problems for men is penis relevant problems like penis length, thickness and functionality. Nowadays, many men complain about various deformities, size problems, thinness, curvatures of their penises, therefore, they prefer penis aesthetic surgery. Depending on many reasons or completely in relevant to patients’ desired; penis lengthening surgery, penis thickening surgery, penis curvature correction surgery, correction of circumcision errors surgery can be performed.

What is Normal Penis Size?

One unerected penis can be 5-6 cm. When it gets erected it grows longitudinally and transversely and it gains volume and it gets longer. In the erection moment a normal penis is 13-14 cm on average, but 12 cm and above can be considered normal. Penises below 11-12 cm can be considered short. Penises thinner than normal size may cause anxiety in men and they may desire for correction. Penis thickness may vary more. An unerected small and thin looking penis may become thicker during erection.

The possible problems that men experience with penis

Penis Enlargement Surgery 1 - Penis Enlargement SurgeryPenis length shorter than normal

Penis thickness thinner than normal

Penis curvature in different directions

Penis deformities caused by circumcision errors

Due to the presence of excessive fat in the hairy area of penis, penis becomes embedded, which demands surgery

Penis Lengthening Surgery

In the penis lengthening surgery we apply, the distance between penis and balls gets increased, thereby providing an extension of the base of penis, which is normally present but not visible. This lengthening becomes visible both in the unerected state of penis and in the erected one. This highly suggested penis lengthening operation does not cause any loss of erection, sensation, pleasure or feeling in penis.

In some other penis lengthening operation techniques penis enlargement operations are based on the removal of a part of the penis inside the body by cutting the suspensor ligament, which is suspending ligament of the penis, between the subcutaneous and bone between the pubis and the root of penis. It is important to know that this surgery does not increase the penis length in its normal position but only in the erection. So, there is no change in the size of the erection indeed. The greatest risk of this surgery is the reduction of penis stability in erection. We do not apply this technique and we do not recommend this method.

Sometimes due to incorrect circumcision, because of removing penis skin too much, penis skin shortening may occur. In this case, this problem will be solved by increasing the size of the penis skin through applying Z plasty, V-Y advancement methods or skin graft. And sometimes an overweight person can have a buried penis. In this case, the fat in the area can be removed and the penis length and visibility can be provided. One of the methods used to increase the length of penis is extending the connection between the scrotum and penis, which provides them looked independent from each other. In this way, the length of the below length of penis seems elongated.

Penis Thickening Surgery

Fat injection, composite tissue transfers and fillers are frequently used in penis thickening operations. Among all these methods, fat injection is the one frequently used. We prefer fat injection in penis thickening surgeries.

Fat injection is the surgical process of transferring the fat taken from another area of the body to another area in the same person through special processes. About 40% of the transferred fats can remain in the area permanently after 6 months. The remained fats after 6 months are permanent for lifelong, it does not change after this period. Since 40 % of the fat remains in the penis, we inject fat more than needed in our surgeries. After some fat disappeared, the rest is enough for us. However, especially in large amounts or excessive fat injection does not increase the success. In such a case, the fat becomes burnt and it affects to reduce other fat which might potentially survive for longer. No matter how successful fat injection in penis is successful, it may be necessary to repeat it in some cases. Although the patient are satisfied with the results, they may request penis thickening surgery once again after 6 months.

Fats are taken by liposuction technique and there is never a trace of where the fat is removed.

After Penis Enlargement Lengthening and Thickening Surgery

After penis enlargement surgeries, patients can continue their lives, nobody understand that you have had a surgery.

There is no scar left after penis thickening surgeries.

There is a suture line between the penis and balls in the penis lengthening surgeries. Since this area gets healed very well after surgery, there will not be scars. Nobody understands you have had surgery.

You do not experience any pain after penis enlargement surgeries. However, pain may occur only in the abdomen or butt where fat is removed. There is no any pain in the penis in the early period. Penis which is an organ naturally gets erected, a bandage will be put on the penis to prevent swellings. This bandage usually gets removed after 4-5 days. The bandage will not be visible on your pants. After about 15 days, penis becomes the most swollen and taut. After this period, decreasing in swellings and softening in penis begin and it gets normal. After 1 month, the penis becomes completely healed. After 6 months it gets the final shape result.Penis Enlargement Surgery 1 1 - Penis Enlargement Surgery

Patients should avoid sexual intercourse for up to 4 weeks.

What are the complications after Penis Enlargement Surgery?

The surgery technique we apply does NOT cause any loss of erection or sensation. However, as in all surgeries, this surgery may have its own problems. Infection rarely occurs 1 week after the surgery and infection can be identified with erythema and pain in penis. Sometimes antibiotic usage and drainage may be required.

In the spots that fat is taken bruises and swells may occur.

Sometimes fat may be excessively burnt and cause fat leakage. In this case, a light olive oil-colored appears and this can stop after 1 week without any treatment.

Rarely, agglomeration of fats (patients refer as calcification) may occur after the fat injection into penis. If this agglomeration does not go away itself within 6 months, a simple agglomeration operation can help to get rid of it.

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