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 What is sex change surgery (sex reassignment surgery)?

Sex reassignment surgery can be defined as the whole of operations in which individuals who are in self-conflict with their sexes and bodies, transform their bodies in which they spiritually feel themselves belong with their new genders.

Sex reassignment surgery is a gradual and versatile process.

In addition to planned surgical operations, hormone treatments require to be continuously done.


Conditions for Sex Reassignment Surgery

  • It must be certain that the person is transsexual.
  • The person must provide psychological harmony with the sexual identity he/she chooses.
  • The person should not be in depression or the person should not have psychotic conditions.
  • The person should know that they lose their fertility (infertile-sterile)
  • The person should desire for his/her sexual identity for at least 2 years and s/he should behave according to the sexual identity s/he has.
  • The person should have gotten hormone treatment for at least 6 months.
  • The person should be older than 18 years old.


Surgical Methods for Sexual Reassignment (Creating Vagina/ Male to Female)

Rotation of the penis skin into the penis like a glove for creating a vagina,

Generating vaginal form with skin patches from leg or groin,

Or using intestinal tissue to create a vagina,

Testis (scrotum) is usually used for the formation of lips in the vagina.

For this operation, it is recommended that the patient stay 5 nights at hospital and 7 nights at a hotel.


Other Suggested Surgical Operation to Complete Gender Change:

Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Breast Prosthesis (Breast Implant)

Facial Feminization


Reduction of Adam’s Apple on Neck

Voice Surgery

Brow Lifting

Lip Augmentation


Genital reconstructive procedures use either the clitoris, which is enlarged by androgenic hormones or also use free tissue grafts from either arm, thigh, abdomen and some other body places, most of which further use an erectile implant. In either case, the urethra is rerouted through the newly constructed penis. The vagina lips are united to form balls (scrotum), where prosthetic testicles can be placed.


Male Chest Construction

Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy (Removal of Uterus and Ovarian Cyst Removal)

Testosterone Treatment

Voice Surgery

There are some suggested surgical operations given above for both sex reassignment surgeries, which can be completed during the same operation; however, there are others that will be deemed appropriate in different sessions.

Although gender reassignment surgery requires different expertise, plastic surgery is the backbone of this type of surgeries.

There are stages of these both type of surgeries (male to female, female to male), they need to be followed by patiently and meticulously. We guarantee that with our expert surgeons and highly experienced work team it is possible to reach very successful results.

The operations that will be done through our company you will direct access to expert surgeons who have performed sex reassignment operations hundreds of times.

Hospitals where the surgeries will be performed are also important!

Gender reassignment involves long-term surgical operations; therefore, we carry out these surgeries at full-fledged hospitals where necessary medical intervention can be done before and after surgeries and where necessary psychological support can be obtained.

Accompanying Service

Careful and sensitive care is required after sex reassignment surgery. In order to accelerate the healing process both physically and psychologically, we can assign a companion to you without any extra charge.

Things to Pay Attention

Individuals’ strict adherence to the recommendations of their doctors who plans and performs operations provides a more comfortable adaptation process physically and psychologically in the post-operative phase. This also fastens recovery process.

The recommendations of physicians can be grouped under the main headings such as the habits of daily life, sexual life, and sports activities. An individual who has undergone gender reassignment surgery can live a healthy and happy life if they pay attention to them.

Sexual Intercourse

According to the type of operation and the care process, your doctors performing your surgeries will inform you about the time restrictions of sexual intercourse after your surgeries.

 Taking Shower

Taking shower is one of the frequent daily care processes. According to the recommendations or your doctors, you can take shower in a way that s/he suggests at a right time s/he decides. Your doctor will share more information about other everyday care processes with you.

Sleeping Position

Your newly built genital organ will be fragile and sensitive after the surgery. The person who has undergone gender reassignment surgery should be very careful and sensitive during the post-operative period. It is important to be careful about the new genital organ especially in sleeping positions.


In accordance with the type of surgery, your doctor will decide when you will be available to travel after the surgery.

Social Activities

After surgery, it is important that the patient gives attention what her/his doctor recommends to be able to recover quickly and comfortably. Before any activity which might potentially force you physically, it is vital to consult to your doctor.


If patient who will have the surgery uses medications, s/he needs to inform the doctor about them. Depending on the type and stages of surgery, our physicians might give some medications including painkillers and antibiotics. Taking into account the general health portrait and the age of the person, a medication program can be arranged for her or him.

Surgery Stitches

There will be stitches caused by surgical techniques in the operations. These stitches will be taken after the surgery according to your health status and your doctors’ recommendations. However, it another stitching technique is implied there might not be a need of removing them since they will be melted in skin.


As with almost any general anesthetic surgery, all kinds of exercises that will force your body and cause physical damage should be avoided. Especially, to prevent any harm in newly built genital organ, the patients need to be extra careful with their everyday activities including exercises.

If the person would like to exercise, s/he can start with light exercising programs in a way that s/he will not force the body with his or her doctor’s directories. According to the course of recovery, this amount of exercise might be increased by the patient’s doctor.

Since gender change surgery is a hard, sensitive and long-term surgery it is recommended to patients refraining from heavy exercises during the healing process.

Post-Surgery Hormone Treatment

Regardless of the type of sex reassignment surgery (from female to male, from male to female), hormone treatment needs to be continued for a certain period of time and dosage to complete gender reassignment process successfully.

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